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MycoTechnology Inc., Trailblazer of the Anti-sugar Revolution

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MycoTechnology Inc. believes the key to lessening added sugars in food can be instituted in gourmand fungi. Established in 2013 in Denver, the brand has invented an all-natural fermentation process called MycoSmooth wherein mycelium (mushroom roots) is fermented to devour bitterness from foods and re-infuse the source with immune enhancing beta glucans. The process does sound alien. Nonetheless, it is a function that mushrooms naturally adapt. They operate as the cleaning squad of the forest, heaving toxins out of the soil and reimbursing nutrients to the tree-roots.


Primarily, MycoTechnology Inc. is aiming coffee and chocolate. Unsurprisingly these are two huge markets relying on sugar for taste. The brand officials reveal that it is already in trying stages with several global food companies. Those looking at using MycoTechnology's process can do so by licensing. Management services can be accomplished with onsite support and finished goods through private cataloging. Furthermore, with consumers keeping a vigilant eye on their products, CEO Alan Hahn considers big food companies will have no choice but to be vigilant.

The anti-sugar association is budding quickly and people want choice. MycoTechnology seems to solve a problem that has bother food scientists since decades. That is how to preserve a product’s taste along with cutting back on sugar. The concept behind its approach is complex strikingly simple. An individual’s taste buds when chewing food camp out by installing unseen fungi molecules. The brand has found a way to wedge naturally tasting bitter flavors that food companies have extensively depend upon sugar to facade.

MycoTechnology Inc. Produce

The brand has recently developed a dark chocolate bar with 8 grams of sugar and 293 calories. It has around 66% of its sugar substituted with mushrooms. Sugar is generally supplemented to raw chocolate for two purposes: to facade the natural bitterness, and to sweeten. The mushroom extract Mycelium visors chocolate's bitterness.

CEO Alan Hahn believes that if a consumer eats food product containing mycelium, they will not realize. When the chocolate hits the tongue the mushroom extract acts as a bitterness shield. The chocolate's bitter molecules don't bind with the taste buds and hence cannot be perceived.

Furthermore Mycelium has got FDA approval and comes under the natural flavors item on ingredient listing.

The chocolate bar is lately prevalent in Australia. In addition to, the brand is in the course of having approval in the European Union and Japan. In 2015, the brand created its first product. This was a non-bitter coffee made with a parallel process as the chocolate, but with coffee beans.

MycoTechnology Inc. is now functioning on eradicating 99% of chocolate's added sugar using Mycelium. The ultimate goal being to create sweet chocolate with less sugar.

Present Status

MycoTechnology Inc. is not yet an alarming power in the competitive food market. However, its creators have established deals with some huge food companies globally.

CEO Alan Hahn reveals that MycoTechnology is teaming with yogurt companies for their products, including fruit-cup sweetener. This normally has detrimental high-fructose corn syrups to facade bitterness. By using mycelium, Hahn says food companies can preserve the taste while dipping the sugar content by half. The company is also working with cranberry juice industry. This industry mainly depends on sugar to make the very tart juice of cranberries palatable.

MycoTechnology Inc. has a contract with GLG Life Tech, one of the major publicly dealt developers of Stevia, a zero-calorie sweetener. Stevia has a bitter trace. Hence GLG Life Tech turned to MycoTechnology to wedge that flavor.

Further CEO Alan Hahn turned down to name other companies with which MycoTechnology has teamed up due to legal agreements. However, he mentions of working with Ardent Mills, one of the largest flourmills in the US.

MycoTechnology lifted above $10 million in financial support last year. Additionally it is about to originate a $50 million round. Major portion of the finance will further in extending existing facilities to increase mycelium production.


  • Kim Burgess says:

    Great article. There are other companies too in the revolution. Sacred Chocolates makes a nutrient-rich vegan bar with chaga and reishi mushrooms, similar to Mycotechnology, though it uses coconut sugar. Other bars have low amounts of sugar and promise other (though not totally proven) benefits. YesCacao says its bars’ cacao “is a vasodilator, meaning it expands the blood vessels. This is a perfect way to increase the body’s ability to absorb the lengthy list of select superfoods.” via : Business Insider

  • Matty Dawson says:

    I agree with Kim. Sacred Chocolates and YesCacao are doing a phenomenal job in bringing the anti-sugar revolution in.

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