Mustang Mach E vs. Tesla Model 3 Comparison

How Ford's new electric vehicle Mach E differs from the Tesla electric vehicle Model 3.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E vehicle is set to expand the Mustang lineage. It is a fully electric four-door vehicle variant (crossover) that will benchmark an entirely new market segment in the automobile industry. The new Mustang Mach-E is comparatively similar to the Model 3 by Tesla in terms of sights, dimensions, and performance features. 

 The Mach-E is a remarkably similar shade of the Model 3. The Ford stands at 186 inches long and has a striking 117-inch wheelbase. Similarly, the dimensions of the Model 3 are slightly bigger at 184.8-inch length. The Model 3 sedan has a lower roof height (58.6 inches compared to Ford’s 63.0 inches), slightly similar ground clearance (5.5 inches compared to Ford’s 5.7 inches). The Mach-E GT’s has a ride height of 5.3 inches, 38.8 inches of front-seat headroom, and 38.3 inches of rear-seat headroom. Despite a lower roof height, the Tesla Model 3 has similar headroom of 39.6 inches at the front and 37.7 inches at the rear. The Model 3 is the right vehicle for long-legged drivers with 42.7 inches of legroom compared to the Mach-E’s 41.7 inches. However, the rear passengers would have more leg space in Mustang one with 38.1 inches as compared to 35.2 inches of Model 3. 

Ford Mustang Mach E vs Tesla Model

In terms of cargo volume, the Mach-E beats the Model 3. The Ford has a more significant body with 29 cubic feet of cargo volume and 59.6 cubic feet space with two of the seats folded and an additional 4.8-cubic-foot trunk on the front. Meanwhile, Tesla states that the Model 3 consists of a 15-cubic-ft cargo capacity, though the rear and front trunk capacity isn’t specified. 

Mustang Mach E vs. Tesla Model 3 Performance

The Mach-E has multiple drive configurations and power levels. The entry-level “usual-range” Mach-E vehicle is rear-wheel drive, with a 75.7-kWh battery, offers an estimated 255 horsepower and 306 lb-ft of torque power. The vehicle can speed from 0-60 mph in six seconds and cover around 230 miles between charges. In comparison to that, the Model 3 uses a 50-kWh battery and offers 283 horsepower and 307 lb-ft torque power. The Tesla variant can cover 0-60 mph in the five-second range. The long-range Tesla Model 3 vehicle can cover around 310 miles between multiple charges.


The Mach-E with the GT trim offers an all-wheel-drive and an extended 98.8-kW-hr battery pack. This combo is good as it offers 459 horsepower and 612 lb-ft torque power. The driving range of the vehicle is estimated at around 230 miles for every charge. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance model has a 75-kWh battery to offer 450 horsepower and 471 lb-ft torque power from two efficient electric motors.

The Mach-E’s regular variant supports up to 115 -kW DC fast-charging, while other variants offer 150 kW charging capacity. Meanwhile, Tesla’s V3 Superchargers boost charging power at 250 kW. 

Mustang Mach E vs. Tesla Model 3 Design and Looks

When it comes to design, Mustang integrated the classic Mustang design on the Mach-E vehicle’s humpbacked form. The car has a triple-element head- and embedded taillights, protruding rear haunches, and a hexagonal grille, which is somewhat typical of two-door Mustang vehicles.


The Model 3 by Tesla has huge clean-sheet designs, elegant looks, and appeals to the eye. The Mach-E’s interiors have a modern Mustang design like the dual-hump dashboard and a substantial vertically-oriented touchscreen fitted in the middle of the cabin.

The Ford’s display at 15.5 inches is around half an inch bigger than the Tesla variant. The Ford vehicle’s air vents are located horizontally in a row, strikingly similar to the Tesla Model 3. The Mach-E has a second digital display in the place of the gauge cluster of standard cars. In comparison, the Tesla drivers will need to look over the central display to see essential information like speed and access the windshield wiper controls. 

Mustang Mach E vs. Tesla Model 3 Pricing

As Ford hasn’t sold many electric vehicle variants, it became a boon for electric vehicle lovers. The Mach-E will be eligible for around $7,500 in the federal tax credits, and this will apply to the initial 200,000 electric vehicles that a company sells. An entry-level Mustang Mach-E is most likely to have an estimated starting price of $43,895. This reduces to $36,395 when the credit applies. The all-wheel-drive setup in the vehicle brings an additional $2,700, while an extended range battery brings an additional $5,000.


Tesla Company comparatively sold a much higher number of electric vehicles than Ford; hence, its tax credits are expiring. This means that the introductory price of the Model 3 will be around $37,000. The Model 3 Standard Range Plus would start from $39,490, the Dual Motor Long Range variant at $48,490, and the Dual Motor Performance will have a price range starting from $56,990. 

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is the second electric variant vehicle from Ford after the Ford Focus Electric. Ford is vehemently jumping into the EV scene with upgrades to new vehicles it is planning to release. On the other hand, Tesla is a leader in the EV market with years of vehicles now. Tesla’s expertise is visible in the clean and elegant styling, enhanced performance, and a more upmarket interior of its EVs. Choosing the best from the Mach-E and Model 3 depends on the buyer!

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