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Must Have Apps & Websites for Creative Entrepreneurs



Artists love to express their creativity. It is a form of expressing their thoughts, feelings and love for their art form. They use different mediums which help artists to express themselves. However, with the advancement of technology, there are applications available for artists to express their creativity and explore the world with fellow members. These apps are great for creative entrepreneurs who are looking for new ways to embrace creativity and will help them create and share their art.

Google Arts & Culture

The multifaceted Google Arts & Culture is one of the famous art applications available today. This app was developed in the year 2019 as a tool to connect art history with the present times. The ‘Art Selfie’ as it is called, uses AI along with facial-recognition software to match faces with art-historical doppelgangers. The app also allows creative entrepreneurs to witness art that they may not be able to see in person; they can browse museum collections and take virtual tours. In December 2019, Google added another feature ‘Pocket Gallery” which uses augmented reality feature to bring the art of great Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer to artists.

Procreate Pocket

This is a leading digital art application used by artists across the world. Introduced by Tasmania-based developers of Savage Interactive, this app with more than 135 preset brushes lets artists create masterpieces on their devices, be it on phone or iPad. Artists can use tools that mimic various materials or even use textures in their creations. One can also swap out art brushes easily, undo rogue marks, implement custom colour palettes or switch layers of canvas amid their work.

This app was awarded the ‘General Excellence in Fast Company’s 2018 Innovation’ by Design Awards. Launched at the beginning of 2018, helps artists organize images, links, videos, and other media into organized collections called ‘channels’. They can also save channels within larger channels, set them as private or public and even share them on social media platforms. helps artists connect with peers while focusing on art ideas, collaboration, and creative thinking.

Just a Line

Imagine if an artist could create a giant doodle in the air with a finger and walk around to show it! The Just a Line app makes this happen, with augmented reality. It allows artists to make simple line forms on the phone that appear to hover in the real space in front of the eyes. One can also record and share a video of their creation process, or collaborate on drawings with friends.


This app was created by Maisie Williams, who collaborated with film producer Dom Santry to launch a networking tool that would help aspiring artists to launch their careers. The app allows artists to create a profile and add projects to their timelines, also emphasizing on their connection with like-minded artists and future collaborators. One of the distinctive features of this app, called ‘QTs’, allows users to connect with industry leaders for insights and advice.

Obscura 2

If you are looking for an art app that gives you the experience of using a DSLR camera, then Obscura 2 is the app. The app has a clean interface and offers more extraordinary performance and stability in art. One can also capture multiple image formats and HD images through this app.


The Paste app, launched in the year 2017, helps artists create and collaborate on beautiful art slideshows. The app allows creative entrepreneurs to turn images, videos, screenshots, and other media into slides, without having to format them. Paste is an ideal tool for creating several presentations and decks, from mood boards and design proposals to portfolios and lectures.


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