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Mountain Forest Hotel: Creating a Forest in a Skyscraper
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An ideal vacation is when one can sit back and enjoy the beauty all around him. Especially in todayโ€™s fast-moving world, everyone deserves a scenic break to enjoy the calmness of it. For this, a lush green forest is a great place to explore oneโ€™s inner peace. But due to oneโ€™s regular modern style of living, it becomes a slight inconvenience to go and live in a forest. This is because the modern amenities which make life easier are not available over there. China has found a solution for this as well. Enjoying the serenity of a forest along with modern amenities is possible in the Mountain Forest Hotel.

Instead of going to a remote location looking for such a soothing atmosphere to relax in, the Mountain Forest Hotel is a convenient option. An innovative architectural firm has taken inspiration from this idea and is rigorously working on it. The construction of this new hotel is done entirely from nature. ย This form of construction is known as Green Architecture.

Why is the Mountain Forest Hotel appealing?

The Mountain Forest Hotel is situated in the Ghizhou region, which is a part of the Wanfeng Valley of China. This skyscraper has been designed by a Milan-based architect, Stefano Boeri. This green hotel will open in the fall season of the year 2017. Nature lovers from all over the world are intrigued about this green architecture project.

This project is spread out on a vast expanse of 400 acres. The New York Times has recently named this region one of the best destinations for a holiday in 2016. After this hotel is open for tourists, the traffic in this area will increase to a great extent.


The Mountain Forest Hotel uses an innovative style of architecture.

Except for being a hotel with innovative architecture, it also provides the latest hospitality services. This includes services like VIP area, bar, swimming pool, restaurant, conference room, lounge, and gym. The hotel has 250 rooms to accommodate its visitors, which areย specially designed by a Chinese artist and interior designer Simon Ma. The company behind this hotel is the Hong Kong-based Cachet Hotel Group.

Concept behind green architecture

Known as Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks, the hotelโ€™s infrastructure takes inspirationย by this placeโ€™s original topography and ecosystem. The aim of the design is to restore the landscape as an existing hill was flattened years ago. Due to the greenery of the hotel, it will also help to make the surrounding atmosphere cleaner and purer. The goal behind the construction of the Mountain Forest Hotel is that it promotes sustainability in terms of various aspects. It not only promotes energy conversation, but also wider biodiversity. It aims to establish symbiosis between man, architecture, and nature.

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