Most Sustainable Innovations of 2015

Sustainable Innovations of 2015

Sustainable innovation has emerged as a fundamental force for change in societies and businesses. It’s potential to transform products, markets, and technology. These characteristics distinguish it as a force of creative destruction and an aspect of entrepreneurial opportunity. It is offering insights in the relationship between the natural environment and business practices. The entrepreneurial firms who are implementing sustainable and environmental strategies provide an important valuation to add into our fast-growing body of knowledge about the relationship between the environment and the corporate culture.

Businesses have played a crucial part of their role in last 20 years to increase global discussions on climatic change and ways to adapt such variations. Resource security and efficiency have climbed towards business and policy agendas. Lately, discussions have been reevaluated under the banner of the circular economy. Relatively from a smaller amount of green niche power players and some leaders from the manufacturing industries in mid-nineties, implementing eco-friendly designs, we have witnessed a burgeoning involvement of the stakeholders and sectors into ‘Greenifying’ the products. Most of the focus, however, still lies in eco-friendly designs rather than sustainable designs, and the environmental compliance related to the product rather than latest business models and innovations.

Sustainable Innovations of 2015 are such innovations that have shown a forward boost in business agenda. There are Sustainable Houses, Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Corporate Trends, Sustainable Designs, Sustainable Agriculture, and what not? The year 2015 is about to end; having a look at the innovations of 2015, it feels we are step-by-step crossing the milestones. Industry leaders bring to you the most powerful Sustainable Innovations of 2015.

Open Green Innovations

Open Green Innovations

Crowd-sourcing and open innovations have relatively slashed potential hindrances to establish brand new eco-innovative businesses all over the world. It has also enabled the conceptions to reach individuals rapidly. As a result, they have been used for co-creating new business ventures where partnership and collaboration are important elements to success. Building and developing trust and relationships are being recognized increasingly as guiding principles to co-creations. The number of organizations using open green innovations has increased considerably well. The best example is its pioneer Unilever.

Grassroots Innovations Activities

3D Printing

The growth of green structure is continuously permeating through global policies. Grassroots innovations have emerged from entrepreneurs and civil societies rather than NGOs, big businesses, or government. Making, Modifying, Fixing, and Mending are being driven by a brand new spirit if ‘DO IT’ and people have increased the access to ideas and information, as well as latest tools to generate components to enable repair like 3D printing. The spaces and growth for these ventures have enabled more potential and experimentation for more amount of circular manufacturing. Stronger grassroots innovations have emerged through the power of people, which has been intervened by ICT and social networks. Throughout the year, we witnessed this in the growing trend of funding and crowd sourcing ideas, like Kickstarter, and the ultimate rise of fixers, makers, and modifiers.

Smarter City Ventures

Smart City Ventures

The concept of smart regions, sustainable design trends, and smart cities are already under a heavy processing period since last decade.  The year 2015 saw a reasonably well improvement in the concept. It is being predicted that almost 70% of the population on earth, by 2050, will settle down in urban areas. This means that there will be a rise in the percentage of more powerful city-regions and city-states. As a result of this movement, urban areas can instantly become hotbeds for problems regarding sustainability. But, if networks, innovation, people, information, and technology are marshaled, mobilized, and engaged appropriately, urban areas have the higher potentials to turn out as catalysts and powerful platforms for latest low carbon and resource-efficient solutions. The key to this empowerment is engaging individuals into newer visions.

Pervasive and Broadened Eco-Invention

Pervasive and Broadened

Policy thinking over eco-innovations has moved towards a better horizontally focused view. It is all based on widespread of industrial ‘greening’, and the development of eco-innovative technologies, services, and products of a diversified array. This has been reinforced by policy makers who have started exploring more systematic and lenient approaches towards eco-innovations and identifying the limited impact, which existing policies used to have. The interest of grassroots innovations has also started increasing on the grounds. The sustainable design trends of 2015 remain an active criterion to be focused on during the future eco-inventions.

Paris Climate Summit

climatic change

This is the main focused element with regards to Sustainable Innovations of 2015. Citizen engagement, sustainable innovation, and climatic concerns were dragged back during the Paris Climate Summit. Increased buoyancy and adaptation to climatic changes as well as resource efficient solutions and developing low-carbon solutions have been hard-wired to policy scenarios of Europe. The summit brought back the pressures for action over climatic changes.

So, this was a throwback to the most powerful Sustainable Innovations of 2015 according to us. What are yours? Drop us your thoughts in the line of comments for the Industry Leaders Magazine.

Carrie Ann
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