Mobile Truck Shop Sells Everything from Fashion and Flowers to Food
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Mobile Truck Shop

Mobile Truck Shop

The notion of a business on wheels is not exactly a fresh one but, by adding an unexpected element to the deal, it takes the concept of innovative marketing to a completely new level making it more mainstream. That is exactly what some people are doing to drum up business. Instead of food, which is commonly sold from the backs of trucks, items like fashionable clothing, jewelry and services from the likes of florists and hairstylists, and much more are all being offered to customers who enter these stores mainly out of curiosity. Well-informed entrepreneurs have been quick to jump onto this bandwagon as it is not only more economically effective but also generates excellent promotion. In addition, as almost everyone in the business world knows, good promotion always leads to more purchases.

Advantages of Going Mobile

Opening up a new business is never an easy thing. Many investments need to be made and a large amount of capital is at stake. The results are often hit and miss. Thus, many entrepreneurs and retailers are turning to this new business model, as it is not only relatively cheap but also easy. Establishment costs associated with general brick-and-mortal trade are lowered to a bare minimum and maintenance fees are quite nominal. A truck is also a faster way of reaching customers instead of waiting for them.

Professionals like florists, fashionistas and hair stylists from all over the country are transforming old trucks, usually the delivery-type ones, into full-fledged mobile shops. They offer a complete shopping experience with a novel and personalized touch. As these types of businesses become popular through word of mouth, consumers are flocking in droves to cities like Boston, Los Angeles, Austin, Portland and New York City.


Mobile businesses are no doubt great but there are still a lot of costs to be considered which can prove to be intimidating to amateurs. Take the case of Stacey Steffe and Jeanine Romo. While Stacey sold vintage apparel at farmers markets and craft fairs, Jeanine was marketing her jewelry line. The two finally collaborated in January 2011 to introduce Le Fashion Truck. They shared the $2,000 expense, which went towards purchasing their 1974 International Box Truck.

Public Reaction

The people hailing from the Portland, Ore. are greeted with a strange sight an odd truck catering to the fashion conscious instead of selling food. This innovative new boutique on wheels, aptly named as Wanderlust, is the brainchild of 29-year old Vanessa Lurie. According to her, when she first set up shop in the fall of 2010, people thought that of it as a bakery and came in expecting to be greeted with the sight of cupcakes, not vintage dresses and tartan bow ties. She adds that people were genuinely surprised and did not understand how to react to the whole situation. Now some 100 odd customers visit her teal-colored travel trailer, a 1969 Cardinal Deluxe, each day. They range from regulars to tourists to a few who stop by for a quick look while waiting out in lines for brunch at nearby eating joints. Lurie believes that the mobile boutique being an eye-catching object works to her benefit.

It seems like this is the way to go considering the current state of the economy by offering people a unique shopping experience. The novelty element, of not only the truck but also exclusive designer pieces, also helps maintain customer interest.

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