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Microsoft vs. Google patent trial finally comes to an end
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Google Inc.

Google Inc.

The Microsoft vs. Google trial over the patents has finally come to an end in a District Court in Seattle of the US testimony. Unlike the patent trial of Samsung and Apple, the Microsoft vs. Google trial has been short lived and a quiet one.

The Report:

An expert witness from Google's Motorola Mobility unit, Michael Dansky on the 20th of November, testified that Microsoft Corp. would in most probability make somewhere around $94 billion in revenue by the year 2017 from its Surface tablet and the Xbox game console both of which use the patented wireless technology of Google Inc. Dansky, who is an analyst with Google's Motorola Mobility unit, while calculating the provided sum took into consideration also a wireless adapter which is not sold by Microsoft Corp. anymore. It is not really clear as to far his counting has gone beyond the revenues. Incidentally the trial had begun on the 13th of November involving the Wi-Fi patents and the patents of the Motorola Mobility’s H264 that are now owned by the Google Inc. after they purchased the Motorola Mobility unit last year for $12.5billion.

The Trial:

The Microsoft vs. Google trial verified how much Microsoft Corp. should pay to the Google Inc. for using some of the patents of Motorola. The Microsoft-Motorola trial issued out of the fact that Motorola demanded about $4 billion in a year for its patents whereas Microsoft Corp. argued that its competitor deserved only one-fourth of that sum. If the judge decides on the Microsoft-Motorola trial that Google Inc. deserves only the minimal payment, the company will have certainly a weaker position when it comes to negotiating contracts regarding licensing with some of its other competitors. Since it has been ruled that some of the sensitive financial matters would be opened to the common public, hopes had risen that the public would have more knowledge on the Microsoft-Motorola trial. But it was nearly in the last hour that the judge decided on the fact that the Microsoft vs. Google trial would be held in private.

The market scenario:

There has been a rapid increase in litigation among some of the major players of the market with the rise of the smartphones in the market.  Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc. have decided to take legal actions against Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Google Inc. as they use the Android operating system in smartphones. Google's Motorola Mobility unit and some of the other producers of the Android hardware took legal action against them as well. During the Microsoft-Motorola trial Dansky  has underlined that the video patents of the Google's Motorola Mobility unit, which are crucial for many companies just to mention Microsoft Corp.,  deserve a high royalty. He stated:  "You will have a difficult time selling smartphones or tablets." According to some sources, Microsoft Corp. would conceivably be able to sue Google Inc. for breach of contract after the ruling.

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