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Microsoft Vs. Apple: Which is more profitable?
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Last quarter, software giant Microsoft Corp. reached $1 trillion in cumulative revenues, a milestone that only the software giant and rival Apple has managed to achieve until now.

Microsoft’s hit $265.2 billion in cumulative profits on over $1 trillion all time revenue, reports technology consultant Jeff Reifman. Despite the fact that Apple’s revenue hit $261.6 billion over $1.3 trillion all time revenue, the Cortana creator is still ahead of the game and is far more profitable.

Although, it’s not too surprising when you consider the software maker hasn’t exactly been in the hardware business for too long. Windows remains the crown jewel, as it prevails as the world’s most popular OS, and provides rewarding services, both of which offer larger profit margins.

You might expect a company to announce a milestone like this and bask in this incredible accomplishment — but not the Windows software giant. It chose to stay silent as it faces increased public scrutiny for holding $108.3 billion in earnings offshore (an incredible 41% of its all-time profit) and its history of tax dodging at home in Washington State,” Reifman wrote on his site, where he has also shown the research in a spreadsheet.

In recent years, however, the Windows operating system maker has seen more setbacks than ever. The most noteworthy of all is the $7.2 billion Nokia acquisition which didn’t fare well. Meanwhile, Apple has enjoyed some of the most successful quarters until Q1 2016.

Reifman also looked over Amazon and Google. Both the companies are younger than Microsoft and Apple and are half-way there already. For instance, Amazon raked $545.09 billion in revenue mark, but only $3.3 billion of it has been profit. Meanwhile, Google is currently at $417 billion, far behind than the aforementioned companies, and its profits have only reached over $96 billion.

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