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Microsoft Streamlines With Advanced Rules, New Undo Options And More

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Microsoft has started rolling out a set of new features for its incredibly popular Web-based email service to help users keep their inbox clean and better organized.

Microsoft Streamlines

Microsoft Streamlines

Beginning today, gains three new features—Advanced rules, Undo, and In-line reply along with some additional improvements to the built-in messaging functionality that works with Facebook, Messenger and Skype that might just make Outlook the most popular email service available.

The new features include:

Advanced rules. 

These new rules provide users more control over how their emails are sorted, filed or bumped to the top of the inbox. They can now create multi-action and multi-condition rules that will help keep their inbox organized without requiring micro-management. Optional conditions that are unique to include constraints, email tallying, checking read/unread state of emails, and checking if the sender is known to the user or not.

Undo. also includes the 'Undo' feature that was previously seen in in Google's Gmail service. When the user accidentally deletes or moves an email to a different folder, it can be easily reversed with the dedicated Undo toolbar button or by selecting CTRL + Z. Other tasks that users can undo includes delete, categorize, flag, mark as junk or move for one or more email messages or a whole group.

In-line reply. 

Now, with the new' In-line reply' feature users can respond directly to a particular email thread without opening a new view to track the history of the conversation. In-line reply can help save time as users can respond to a thread more quickly.

Improved personal messaging. 

After listening to suggestions and complaints from users of its service several improvements have been made in the chat system as well. Users can now easily find recent conversations and other people with whom they can chat with in the bottom left of their inbox. With just one click they can start a conversation with their contacts and what’s more impressive is users can easily switch between services. Finally, users can browse people by filtering through which service they're using from Skype to Facebook messenger. They can even see their contacts currently available-Icons that will now appear alongside names, so users now know which of their contacts will be able to video, call or just chat.

Apparently, Microsoft wants Outlook to be not only easier to use but also be a better choice than its competitors. While a service like Gmail is good, is simply great and much better. And with these new features, it will be interesting to see if more people make the switch.

Well, for those users who don’t see these updates yet, Microsoft says these new changes are rolling out within the next few weeks, so some of them may not see it for a few weeks.

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