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Microsoft Philanthropies donates $1 billion in Cloud Computing

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Satya Nadella

Microsoft introduced its new division that is solely dedicated to managing company’s philanthropic projects in last month. Now the Microsoft Philanthropies division has announced that the company will donate $1 billion in cloud computing to more than 70,000 non-profit and non-government organizations over next 3 years, with the support of its Business Development and research unit.

Cloud computing services enable users to access various computing resources like applications, servers, storage, and other services through an on-demand network that is ubiquitous, convenient to use. Users can acquire access and release the resources which require minimal management. Thus, this technology can be used as a replacement to purchased software and applications.

The company declared that it will provide a variety of cloud services that may make Office 365 programs and Azure cloud computing accessible to more than 300 new universities and 70,000 non-profit groups. This move as announced by the company is to encourage widespread use of the public cloud that will benefit the public.

Microsoft Philanthropies will make efforts in the following areas:

Serving the broad needs of the non-profit organizations

The company will expand its software donation program around the globe. This will include Microsoft Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite, CRM Online, and Office 365 as a part of the program. This non-profit program is expected to be beginning in this spring.

Make cloud resources accessible to universities

 Azure will be significantly expanded for research programs of universities. Thus far, the company has successfully provided the cloud services for research in more than 600 research projects and is planning to increase it by fifty percent.

Reaching new communities

Microsoft Philanthropies will combine access to cloud services with investment in new innovations like low-cost last-mile connectivity and community training. By combining connectivity and training with cloud services, Microsoft intends to support at least 20 of such projects in minimum 15 countries, by the end of 2017.

The company’s CEO, Satya Nadella said that it is a move that would make sure that the technology benefits are not limited to the wealthy people. He argues that cloud computing should be accessible to NGOs and nonprofits and should provide privacy at the same time. He says, “Philanthropy is a start.”  He also outlined how cloud computing will be beneficial to non-profit organizations. Furthermore, he would be discussing this matter with the Philanthropies division at World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

Let us wait and watch whether Microsoft’s efforts are successful in delivering long-lasting benefits towards its goal of “empowering every person and organization to achieve more” – but as Satya Nadella says, it’s a start.

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