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Microsoft HoloLens is an Open Source, New Wave Mixed Reality Technology
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Imagine the world is a canvas and you can paint it the way you want. With the same context, you can associate mixed reality. After technological wonders of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, we have the WOW quotient of Mixed Reality technology in development now.

Mixed Reality keeps you present in your environment, enabling you to move, explore and interact with the virtual world objects. It allows you to perceive your space according to your wish, by accommodating the digital content in it. It offers to surround you, with your own digital visuals. Briefly, Mixed Reality enables you to make virtual objects live in your physical environment. Thus, we can call it a merger of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology.

Mixed Reality Tech

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft has announced its high-end, Mixed Reality HoloLens on Microsoft Developer’s Conference, 2016. The developer’s version of the product is already available. Microsoft HoloLens is a compact, hologram computer that can produce digital content. You can have the visuals appear right in front of you.

Microsoft HoloLens will bring a reformation in the tech-world. Imagine if you want to make a call or have a video chat or want to do some work then, the digital window will pop-up right in your environment and you can complete your job, whatever it be. There will be no need for a PC or a cellphone or any physical tech box. You can directly interact with the virtual projections and can complete your task. How amazing is that! Isn’t it?

The HoloLens is an innovative, holographic, mixed reality headgear which is capable of complementing your environment by bringing the visuals of human brain live in digital format. This occurs because the headset encompasses specialized components such as multiple sensors, advanced optics, and a custom holographic processing unit.

Microsoft HoloLens is an open-source innovation

Microsoft has opened the holographic projection platform for the third-parties by open-sourcing Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality innovation. Hence, the tech giants can develop their own Mixed Reality devices. Developers can also use the open-source platform to build MR compatible apps which will be in full-fledged demand with the release of MR products. Windows 10 VR-support version will be in implementation with this newly waving projection technology

Intel Inc. will be coming up with its headset built with the same technology under β€˜Project Alloy’.

Price and Release Date

The price of Microsoft HoloLens’ developer edition and commercial suite is $3000 U.S. and $5000 U.S. respectively. However, the development of the product is a 5-year plan and so we could expect the product with the fall of 2019.

Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap One

The high value, stealth start-up Magic Leap is all set to launch its Mixed Reality product- β€˜Magic Leap One’. It is a similar Mixed Reality headset and the company was functioning secretively for many years. The Mixed Reality giant has polished hands on the development of this technology.

HoloLens and Magic Leap One will face a cut-throat competition in bearing the flagship in tech world by their cutting-edge product. On one side, we have Microsoft, a well-established firm having always given us versatile delivery whereas on the other side there is Magic Leap, warming up for its debut launch, possessing polished hand on this futuristic technology. We cannot undermine any of these firms. But Microsoft in terms of established and trustable tech-firm, start the race a step ahead.

Microsoft HoloLens is new wave technology that can shake the tech-world upside-down if implemented successfully. We are really looking forward to the wonders that Mixed Reality technology will bring to us. What we called β€˜miracles’, will then be the triumph of high-end technology.

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