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Mercedes S-Class Upgrade is as Good as New
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Right from the time the rumor of the launch of the Mercedes S-Class starts doing the rounds, it is anticipated that one of the best cars of the world will come back in the market. This model of Mercedes Benz is like a measuring unit when it comes to determining the efficiency of a luxury car. With each update of this car, it pushes the capacity of a luxury car in terms of performance, comfort, and updated technology. In the case of this range of cars, it offers a wide variety as it comes in 24 global configurations. Out of these, the latest and most advanced model the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4Matic+ is what defines the grandeur of a luxury car.

This latest edition of the Mercedes S-Class was out in the year of 2013. After this, the luxury automaker thought that itโ€™s time for an upgrade. But even the upgrade of this model is as grand as the range itself. Usually, automakers upgrade a few important parts of the car to enhance its performance and design. But here, Mercedes Benz has updated around 6,500 parts. This is almost as good as designing a new car from scratch. Out of these 6,500 parts, the engine is just counted as one of them.

Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes Benz has updated around 6,500 parts.

Mercedes S-Class features

The official press release about the Mercedes S-Class upgrade gives us an idea about the precision with which this update has taken place. This is context with the fact that the press release was 108 pages long with each and every intricate detail. The earlier version had a 5.5-liter V8 engine which has been replaced with a 4.0-liter biturbo V8 which is smaller but produces 603 horsepower. This update is 26 horsepower better than the previous engine capability.

Mainly, the updated Mercedes S-Class will have an improved semi-autonomous driving capability. Other small changes include new LED lighting, refreshed front grille, new gearbox, and other such features. It also has a new feature called the Energizing Comfort Control. This feature helps the car network with at least five other vehicle networks for the comfort of the vehicle. The price for the U.S. model has not been declared yet but the one in Germany will cost around $185,000. The price is visibly exorbitant which is because of the luxury brand name as well as updated features.

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