Mercedes Maybach 6: The luxury convertible you will crave for
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Have you ever come across an automobile which was not only appealing but also made you want to stand there and admire the vehicle for as long as possible? Well if you haven’t got the opportunity to witness something even close to this, then German automaker Mercedes will provide such an experience. Especially after the launch of the updated version of the Mercedes Maybach 6, any individual would be found gaping at this piece of technology. This might be the most stunning convertible car one may have ever come across. The German automaker is also quite optimistic due to the overwhelming response the car has received within the span of one day itself.

Last year at around the same time, the vision of the Mercedes Maybach 6 was unveiled at the Pebble Beach at California. This revelation by the company stole the show and significantly stood out despite the presence of vintage cars along with Isottas, Ferraris, Bugattis, and Packards. Such a response boosted the confidence of the company. They went on to manufacture an even better version of the given model. Following the tradition, Mercedes released the Cabriolet version of the model at the Monterey Car Week in California once again. Every aspect of this convertible car spells out luxury in bold letters.

Mercedes Maybach 6

The Mercedes Maybach 6 is almost twenty feet long.

Mercedes Maybach 6 features

As already mentioned, the Mercedes Maybach 6 Cabriolet version is a convertible car. This means that despite its impressive size, it can still only house two people. The car will particularly aim the crème crowd and will target billionaires. The concept of this car is an amalgamation between a sleek futuristic aesthetic with an automotive touch to it. This car is much more than the usual luxury car, it is more like the ultimate form of luxury.

The Mercedes Maybach 6 is almost twenty feet long with a smooth finish to it which makes it look slender. Apart from the attractive design, the vehicle is an electric car which gives you another reason to crave for it. It has an output of 550 kW. This enables the car to drive for around 500 kilometers on a single charge. The interior of the car is so striking that it gives you the feel of a luxury yacht. To complete the effect, the rear end of the vehicle resembles that of a boat. The design of its interior is specifically in an haute couture fashion. The price and release date of the luxurious convertible car are yet to be announced.

Mercedes Maybach 6 interior

The design of the interior is specifically in an haute couture fashion.

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