Mercedes EQB Electric SUV Review: Winning Miles and Smiles

The Mercedes Benz EQB is the beast that purrs like a kitten while you drive.

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Mercedes Benz EQB electric SUV has finally arrived. The company says it’s the first fully electric SUV from its brand. Will this luxury EV be able to compete against Tesla?

If you’re not familiar with EVs, you might want to wait until you’ve spent some time driving an EV before making any decisions. But if you know what to look for, the Mercedes EQB electric crossover could give other EVs a run for their money.

Mercedes Electric Car

The Mercedes Benz EQB electric SUV comes in three colors and six driving modes.

Mercedes EQB: All You Need To Know

The Mercedes EQB will come with two battery options: one that can travel up to 310 miles on a single charge and another that offers a range of 400 miles. Both are rated for quick charging at 150 kW (201 hp). 

It also comes standard with an 80kWh battery pack and a 250-mile range. But buyers can opt for a larger 90 kWh battery pack and a 300-mile range.

It’s based on the same platform as the GLC F-CELL concept car. This means there’s no need for any additional parts. Mercedes claims the EQB will have “the highest level of safety” among all vehicles in its class. 

It’ll use Mercedes’s own Active Body Control system, which helps the vehicle maintain stability when cornering.


The Mercedes Benz EQB luxury EV features six driving modes, including Eco, Comfort, Sport, Individual, Offroad, and Snow. Other features include four airbags, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and automatic emergency braking. There’s also a 360-degree camera, so you can check out what’s behind your back. 

Inside, there’s a 10.25-inch touchscreen display with gesture controls. You can choose between three color schemes -black, white, and silver. There’s also a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster display. It includes a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, trip meter, outside temperature, and compass.

Mercedes Benz EQB

The Mercedes Benz EQB has a 10.25-inch touchscreen display.

Performance & Range

The Mercedes EQB gets its name from the “Electric Drive Unit.”

The company says the Mercedes EV will offer a maximum speed of 130 mph and a top speed of 155 mph. It’ll have a 0-60 time of 5 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 13.2 seconds. The EQB should be good for about 200 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque.

  • The Mercedes electric car lithium-ion batteries are located under the floor.
  • The new Mercedes EV uses a 48V architecture, meaning the batteries can simultaneously provide power to multiple systems.
  • This allows the vehicle to operate without having to stop charging.
  • Interior
  • The Mercedes electric car interior is very similar to the GLC. There’s a 10.25-inch touchscreen display at the center console.
  • The screen is surrounded by a thin metal trim piece that makes up the rest of the dashboard.
  • The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and has a few buttons.
  • The seats are comfortable and supportive. They come with heating and cooling options.
  • The driver seat can recline while the passenger seat can swivel.
  • The door panels are covered in soft-touch material.
  • The center armrests are made of aluminum.
  • The climate control vents are placed on the doors.
  • The glove box opens vertically.
  • The Mercedes Benz EQB also offers all-wheel drive.
Mercedes Electric Car

The Mercedes Electric Car steers you through premium luxury and tech.

Bottom line

When driving on the road with poor traction, the system automatically sends 100 percent of the available torque to the wheels with a better grip.

In addition, the Mercedes EQB can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.2 seconds. That’s about half a second quicker than the BMW iX3 and about three seconds slower than the Tesla Model X 90D. The EPA estimates the EQB will have a range of 300 miles. Charging takes around 7 hours when plugged directly into a standard outlet.

However, if you plug the new Mercedes EV into a DC fast charger, it’ll take only 2.5 hours to charge the battery.

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