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Meet Timothy Childs – The Brain Behind Treasure8 that turns Food Waste into Edible Products

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We are constantly barraged with statistics on the amount of food that the world wastes. The statistics are alarming nonetheless.

Contrarily, we also often hear thought-leaders talk about how much extra we will need to produce to suffice the estimated 9.6 billion people by 2050. However, we don’t hear enough about what’s being done to solve the food waste problem. Evidently, the challenge is not to produce extra to suffice the growing population but to stop wasting what we have.


We need sustainable and scalable solutions that work for all kinds of food waste - agriculture waste to retail waste. Here’s where Treasure8 steps in with its innovative and nifty “Re-Harvest” process. As the name suggests, this food-tech company converts food waste into high-value, tasty, and nutritious ingredients and products.

Founded by Timothy Childs, Treasure8 uses an end-to-end tech-driven approach to convert food waste into sustainable food products and ingredients that retain inherent nutrient components.

“We refer to what we’re doing as a Resource Revolution, which frankly requires a great deal of speed and scalability. The answer to this was our Re-Harvest Process, an end-to-end, tech-driven, & systemic approach for transforming each type of food waste stream into multiple value streams. Once we solve for one food waste stream, we then scale that particular end-to-end solution (with partners) to other markets with the same waste streams to create massive impact. We’re currently working with multiple side-streams (juice pressings, beer, wine, tofu, as well as cannabis/hemp)”, said Treasure8 founder Timothy Childs.

From producing crispy potato chips made using an innovative drying technology to offering exclusive food drying technology to companies, Treasure8 is focused on combating the food wastage problem head-on with breakthrough business models.

Previously, Childs along with this chocolate company TCHO was instrumental in evolving most parts of the cacao supply chain and improving the lives of the many stakeholders involved in the process. He then took his work a step further and used his innovative approach for bettering the nutrient intake of the crew members of Spaceship Earth.

 “I decided to take our Silicon Valley startup innovation approach I applied to cacao supply chain and apply it the most significant challenges in providing better nutrition to the crew members of Spaceship Earth: disability, lack of quality nutrition in food deserts and food waste. Along this journey, we made a number of game-changing discoveries along the way which we are preparing to roll out now.”

Treasure8’s success in fighting food waste is apparent in the recognition it is getting from market watchers and end consumers alike. Recently, Treasure8 was recognized as the 2019 Fast Company World Changing Ideas winner. Also included in their roster of awards is the 2018 Far West Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for Outstanding Commercialization Success.

Treasure8 is making great strides in the upcycled food business which is now said to be a $46 billion industry. However, as Childs says, the food wastage problem is too big to be tackled by a single entity. “We want more people to join us in what we’re doing -- global problems can’t be fixed by just one company/solution, and we don’t have time to waste here.”

“The good news is that many corporations, governmental agencies, financial institutions, etc who are waking up to the challenge and starting to reorder their priorities to include food waste issues."

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