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Two years ago, Boston hosted the first and one of its kind MarTech conference, which was held purposely for supporting and encouraging the increasingly significant, but the rare category- Hybrid Market Leaders. This class of professionals is now better known as chief marketing technology officers, those who are equally and well adept with the concepts of technology and marketing.

These professionals, who are labeled as chief marketing technologists, are affectionately called as ‘Unicorns’ by the people in Silicon Valley as they are very rare to spot. They are the set of officers who help organizations with the acquisition of modern marketing tools that are needed to engage always-on customers of the current time.

These ‘rare specimen’ of professionals are the bridge makers between CIOs, the brand marketing Sherpas, and the CMOs who require help with digital world’s navigation. They have turned as an invaluable asset for the team of marketing.

Chief Marketing Technology Officers in Parts

Technology has gradually body slammed the profession of marketing, transforming it into a hard science from a piece of black art. Nowadays, the field of marketing is quite well-versed with mobile, customer data, marketing tools, social automation tools, and analytics.

The significant question that arises from this situation is, ‘Who is going to be the leader of this critical and dramatic evolution?

This is where the breed of latest hybrid market leaders enters into the pavilion for mending the gigantic gap of two diametrically opposite worlds of information technology and marketing. The role of such marketing technologists is comprised of critical six segments respectively.

  • Marketing and Media Analyzers
  • Marketing Connoisseurs
  • Foundation Architects
  • Content Curators
  • Data Specialists
  • Experienced Engineers

Hybrid Market Leaders

Hybrid Market Leaders: The Growth Drivers

The position of a chief marketing technologists itself is a significant acknowledgment of the fact that how important these chief marketing technology officers are when it comes to driving revenue via marketing group within an organization. The system of marketing information, when appropriately resourced, drives the present and the future business growth. A burgeoning disconnection between the profiles of contemporary CIO and traditional CMO can be witnessed if there are no signs of active communication between the CIOs and their marketing correspondents.

The only way to obtain an absolute portrait of insights, which needs to be taken into action immediately in order to build and maintain a top position in the market, is by merging the profiles of CMO and CIO to create a lineage of chief marketing technology officers.

The power arrives from the merger of information technology and marketing. The concept of marketing without technology has been left behind and the hybrid market leaders are dominating the world. More sophisticated advancements that are based on the big data in real-time, which, when examined properly, directs to perceptions, huge impact, and action on the bottom line of an organization, is responsible for leaving behind the concept of marketing without the involvement of information technology.

Necessity or Luxury?

Marketing technologists are surely the future industry leaders as their role is growing remarkably popular. According to a research, 81% of the hi-tech Fortune 500 companies have already introduced the role of marketing technologists in their workplace culture to oversee this vivacious environment of strategies and operations related to technology and marketing. 71% of these introduced this role a year ago and the remaining 8% have been bracing themselves for the addition of this new job profile in upcoming 2 years.

While many top-notched organizations are embracing the new culture with a cordial welcome, there are others who believe that introducing such advancements are a statement of luxury, which, only a limited number of companies can justify in current time.

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