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Mazda Vision Coupe, a vision of Beauty!
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Boys and Gentlemen, Mazda is finally out with a brand new car concept. Their vision is called the Mazda Vision Coupe. Although just a concept, we would love to see this beast riding down the street. Mazda finally seems to get it right. In recent times, not only are they hitting it off with the drive but they are also meticulous about their design. The vision is truly and effortlessly beautiful.


The Vision is truly and effortlessly beautiful!

The Coupe happens to draw a lot of stylistic cues from the Mazda family’s predecessor of 2015, Mazda RX-VISION. The curvilicious concept oozes of elegance with a hint of sportiness and power-packed performance. Mazda plans to showcase the concept to the public at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show this week.

What’s cooking in the Mazda Vision Coupe?

The concept incorporates comfort and convenience all the same. The detailed gorgeous analog instruments, the plush leather seats and a touch of wood on the doors and leather seats - all of it points towards a royal, classy yet a modern look of the Vision Coupe. The Mazda Vision Coupe incorporates a transparent touch-screen infotainment system. This means it can easily be blended with the dashboard while it remains unused. In the statement released by Mazda in the Press it is written, “Screens can easily become a barrier that blocks the driver’s view. It functions as a display only at those times when it is required.” This one is for all the dreamers- the manual-transmission shifter has been shifted in the center console.


Now ain't that neat?

Watch Out!

What’s ‘outside’ is something that has imprinted ‘inside’ of me. The car meets the standard ‘long- hood, short-deck’ design. Although it has four doors, it does not seem to affect the looks at all. Mazda refers to it as “one motion”. And if you see the design it would make sense to you too. The car is so smooth that there are no jerks or creases seen in the exterior. It all goes in one smooth shape. The front of the Coupe shows the comfortable front that translates into a sleek vehicle which looks linear. The extended windshield and the side-view camera mirrors complete the babe and leaves behind no complaints.

Mazda 2

The extended windshield completes the babe leaving behind no complaints.

But rumors have it that even if the ‘pretty woman’ were to enter the market, the design may slightly undergo a few changes. As it is just a concept, if a working car is made, chances are that the clearly defined brow might tone down giving it some sort of a crease. This is because the extended breaks might not be able to make it through the pedestrian impact regulations.

Mazda wishes to build cars that are able to share a bond with the people who own them. The press release mentioned that, “While the current shift towards automated driving is sure to create new value for society, we at Mazda have concerns that this could also weaken the bond that exists between humans and car.,” It further stated, “We believe it is vital that cars retain their intimate positions in the lives of their drivers — almost like a member of the family.”

Wait and Watch!

And yes, we can sense that you are eagerly searching for the details of the mechanics and power. Unfortunately, Mazda has not done us the favor of divulging those details yet. You may ask whether it is likely to make it onto the streets. Mazda has given us hope by hinting strongly that they are intending to sell a model with similar looks. The Mazda Vision Coupe’s price is something that cannot be divulged yet. It will further depend on the power systems, interiors and the technology they make use of. But be ready to spend big bucks to get hold of her. The only disheartening part about the car is that it’s still a concept. What would really mean a car-nival for the automobile geeks is, if Mazda squeezed out more juicy details about the sleek number.

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