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Maserati Electric Car Planning to Launch in 2020
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The Italian luxury automobile company, Maserati, is planning to build an electric car by the year 2020. Maserati which is a division of the company Fiat Chrysler is working on the launch of this eco-friendly vehicle. Renowned for its high-end luxury cars, this effluent brand is experimenting with electric cars for the first time. Earlier, Fiat Chrysler had launched an electric vehicle dubbed the Fiat 500e.

The announcement of the Maserati electric vehicle was done by Roberto Fedeli in an interview with Car and Driver. Fedeli is the engineering head of Fiat Chrysler. The Maserati electric car will be expensive, but the main focus is to cause minimum harm to the environment.

How does Maserati electric car plan on standing out?

Fedeli says that the main challenge is to design a vehicle which is electric and at the same time exciting to drive. The plan is to produce something very different in order to make this electric vehicle stand out in the electric vehicle market. Furthermore, Maserati is a little late in launching the electric car range as various companies have already done so. By the time it rolls out in the market, the buzz and excitement for electric vehicles might die down to some extent. The belief of Maserati is to produce the best product even if it’s not the first company to do so. Especially as it is probably the last company to launch an electric vehicle, it has to design it very differently.


The electric car with a Maserati character

The first model of the Maserati electric car will be a low-volume one according to Fedeli. Usually, the only exciting feature available in the electric vehicles is the breakneck acceleration. Due to the sheer weight of the lithium-ion batteries, it hinders the free movement on the roads. The Maserati Electric Car will hopefully be lighter on its feet, unlike its other contemporaries. Despite being the last company to enter the race of electric vehicles, Maserati will not be inspired by any of its competitive companies. Another very important aspect kept in mind while designing this electric car is thatΒ it should give the driver a feel that he is driving a Maserati. The character of the company is essential in every automobile.

Fedeli claims that Maserati hopes to create an electric car which is not only green and efficient but also delivers the sports car feel of the brand. Significantly, it is important to maintain the brand of the company. An electric car has the inability to make the driver enjoy the feel of a sports car. Along with this, the batteries obstruct the accelerated movement as well. These drawbacks might make the brand look inconsistent.

One of the most important parameters during its design is the lack of sound from the engine. The engineers of Maserati are searching for an alternative for this. If the designing and manufacturing process goes on smoothly, the launch of this electric vehicle might be in 2019.

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