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What Makes a Good Leader Iconic?

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Every organization has a set of leaders who are assigned a particular department to look after. A leader is the one who has to guide as well as rectify his team mates wherever necessary. As he is the one who shows them the path, it is necessary that he knows the correct path himself. With the growing competition, it has become crucial for the leader to do his job right so that his team can follow accordingly. A good leader does so and saves the company from any kind of loss. But an iconic leader not only avoids losses but also helps gain considerable progress. This is why one must not only be a good leader but also an iconic one.

3 steps to transform from a good leader to an iconic one

1.     Proper communication with your team

Apart from your job role, the biggest responsibility as a leader is to coordinate with your team effectively. This is because it is in your hands to assign them tasks and make sure that they are done properly and on time. The essential step for effective coordination is proper communication. Each instruction given to the team must be clearly explained and all kinds of doubts must be cleared. A leader must be cordial with his team so that they feel comfortable to go up to him and talk to him openly. Communication also includes an exchange of ideas. There must be an exchange of ideas and opinions between the leader and his team which may lead to the birth of an innovative concept.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes in having a one-to-one conversation with his team.

2.     Set an example for his team

We all know that the leader is supposed to tell his team about how things must be done. But only giving instructions is not enough. It is extremely important to implement them himself only then will he be considered a good leader. Anyone can claim big things but a true leader is one who shows his team how it must be done. Also, by implementing the ideologies himself, it sets an example for the other people as well. The team members gain more respect for their leader as he does not impose authority on them by simply giving commands. Many studies have proven that when a leader performs a particular activity himself, it becomes faster for the team to grasp it. Be it work efficiency or good behavior, set an inspirational example for your team.

3.     Be a backbone

As the word itself suggests, a leader is supposed to lead the way. But the basic difference between a good leader and an iconic leader is that a good leader only leads the way but an iconic one also supports his team. Even when an employee is stuck or lands himself in trouble at work unintentionally, he must help him out of it. You are appointed as the leader as you have more understanding about the field and you also know how to deal with people. Thus it is your duty to make sure that your team strives hard to give their best. The leader must be the motivational factor for his team mates so that they can progress as a whole.

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