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What Makes An Exceptionally Great Boss?

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Exceptionally great boss

Choosing the right boss is an incredibly powerful decision. When you choose a company, you chose a work culture that will influence your work-personal life, when you choose a boss, you choose your experience that will influence your career path. One of the few factors a candidate weighs is choosing the right boss. A dream job includes not just having a great company to work with, but also good co-workers and an influential boss. Some bosses are good, some are bad, and while it may not really matter at first, it will eventually show up where it matters most – in the hearts and minds of the people they lead. The most unforgettable ones are those with a few outstanding traits that make them an exceptionally great boss.


A good boss will show you how to get to the goal. They’ll expect more from themselves and from others. No matter what crooks you’re passing through, a good boss will remain optimistic and have faith in you, and that makes it a lot easier to work through the challenges.


A pat on the back goes a long way. An influential boss will make sure that employees are getting the recognition that they deserve. They will give out credit when it’s due and make sure to recognize employees at the right moment.


In an ideal world, a boss doesn’t just write a performance review or spend one-on-one time with you. Instead, they give you the opportunity to acquire new skills and experience you’ll need to carve a high-impact career graph. They’re lookout for opportunities that fit as well as expand your talents and aspirations. An exceptionally great boss will be the one who write an influential letter of reference to your next boss, or even a letter of support when you start your own venture.


An exceptionally great boss will lead you down the path of ownership. They make you feel that your work will impact the bottom line of the organization instead of just making them look good. They rescue struggling employees and impart a sense of self-worth and purpose in them. Good bosses aren’t just remembered for their achievements but for mentoring others on a personal – professional level.


By allowing employees to be at peace with their work- personal life, you’re not only letting them feel valuable to the company but promoting humility and humanity, which is inspiring.

Check them off, and if necessary, change your ways. Are there any other leadership traits that we could have added on? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @Indleaders.

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