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Magarpatta City: A Remarkable Reality

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Magarpatta City_Pune

Magarpatta City_Pune

Magarpatta is a self-contained residential cum Industrial / Corporate settlement spanning over 430 acres of land, situated along the Pune - Solapur Highway in Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra, India. Magarpatta City is power packed with international amenities and is an award winning and internationally appreciated model of integrated development and self-sustainability. Magarpatta City is a city within a city having commercial zone, residential neighborhoods, school, hospital, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and recreation places. All this is complemented by lush greens and a pollution free ambience, a supreme setting for your life and business to evolve.

Long before the nation woke up to the violent protests against ‘forced’ land acquisitions for Special Economic Zones (SEZs), a small group of farmers on the fringes of Pune saw the writing on the wall and decided to act before the process of globalization and development swallowed up their ancestral farms.

Our Vision is to create a new way of life for the networked society of the new millennium. With emphasis on proper environment control, good living standards, modern educational system and state-of-the-art working conditions with total security.

Magarpatta City was a dream, of nearly 120 farmer families, which is now transformed into a remarkable reality. It is admired worldwide as an internationally renowned model of inclusive development & social capitalism. Magarpatta City features a walk to work-home-recreation lifestyle, futuristic residential marvels, a very contemporary commercial zone, and a globally renowned IT park. It has also won several awards for integrated development and immaculate construction practices,. Magarpatta City has also won tributes for eco-friendly features and pollution free environ. With a full-fledged shopping zone, recreation facilities and offices in its campus, just take a walk daily to your office, stroll through the eye-catching environs every weekend while enjoying pollution free air with your family.

Mr. Satish Magar, Chairman & Managing Director of the Magarpatta City says, “Today, the name Magarpatta City stands for quality in construction, innovation in design and impeccable planning. No wonder, it is regarded as the remarkable reality.”

Magarpatta City has won many national and international awards for its uniqueness and novelty. It has won accolades in the 2008 Sidney World Congress of Metropolis. Maharashtra Economic Development Council lists Magarpatta City amongst the 'Top 10 success stories of the state'.

Magarpatta City has also been Identified as a prestigious project along with 'Konkan Railways, Mumbai-Pune Expressway' at the infrastructure summit 2002. Cybercity has received first prize for in the IT infrastructure category at the Maharashtra IT Awards. The City has also been mentioned in the Limca Book of Records for having largest solar water heating system.

Satish Magar also believes, “In a reality born through perfect vision and brilliant execution, Magarpatta City offers everything to everyone. Act today and be a proud citizen.”

Magarpatta City practices techniques for conservation and betterment of the environment. We practice various Sustainable Energy Systems on a huge scale striving to reduce Global Warming.

Rainwater Harvesting

Pune’s largest mist fountain enhances the microclimatology in the Magarpatta City. Waste water is recycled with three sewage treatment plants planned with a capacity of 2 million litres a day and the recycled water is used for gardening purpose via the conserving drip irrigation and sprinkler distribution system. This keeps the garden lush green and lowers temperatures in the surroundings.

Garbage Segregation at Source

Eco-friendly practice of segregation of over 400 tonnes of household and commercial garbage, trash and waste per month is done at source of which 280 tonnes of biodegradable waste is used for vermi-culture and bio-compost. Over 120 tonnes non-biodegradable waste is recycled in a way not hazardous to nature, disposed off safely and the re-usable scrap is sold.

Biogas Plant

Biogas plant, installed in the Magarpatta City, saves excessive power requirements equivalent to 118 commercial gas cylinders of 19 kilograms capacity per month, which translates to a power generation of over 270 electrical units per day. Over 7,000 solar water heating panels installed on the terraces reduce heat effects on the top floors and are designed to save over 1.75 crore electrical units which potentially translates to more than 13,000 tonne of carbon emissions saved every year. An electrical vehicle is used for security. Low power consumption lights are fitted in streets and common areas.


The nursery has vermi-culture and bio-compost pits, which generate manure from garbage segregated at source at Magarpatta City. The manure composted here provides for nourishing these saplings and shrubs. Organic pesticides like Verticillium and Trichoderma are used extensively. Not only are plants, saplings and organic vegetables sold here, a unique facility of a Plant Library is offered whereby just like a book/ video library one can enjoy the different plants here at a nominal charge for a limited period providing a refreshing and dynamic feel to ones dwelling.

Solar Water Heating System

Magarpatta City has become home to one of the largest residential Solar Water-Heating systems in the country. The solar panels have been put in all the residential apartments comprising of about 3500 flats in the Phase-I & II. On completion, the total capacity will be in the region of 7 lakh litres per day which will save power to the tune of 37 KWH per day and in monetary terms Rs.3.9 crore a year. This is one of the many environment-friendly practices carried out in Magarpatta City.

Finally all that Satish Magar has to say is, “Care for the environment is what makes life at Magarpatta City – a completely different world!”


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