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Luxury Luminary Designs Futuristic Hotel Concept Based on Hyperloop One


The megalopolis of the world has, for all its grand dame ambitions, lacked a futuristic hotel concept – until now. Brandon Siebrecht, a graduate architecture student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has designed the “Hyperloop Hotel,” a hotel-meets-transportation-system designed to reduce travel anxiety. The design concept aims to combine the luxury of a hotel room with a high-speed rail system that could make traveling between U.S. cities faster and more comfortable.


The concept images hotels in 13 different American cities all connected by the Hyperloop System. The cities are Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, Nashville, Sante Fe, and Washington D.C. Guests may travel and dock at one of the 13 hotel destinations across the United States. The entire experience may be managed via a customized app.


How much would it cost? One cam book a room in the Hyperloop Hotel for a flat fee of $1,200. Let’s not forget that it’s just a concept for now and would take a few years before it sees the light of the day. Nonetheless, it’s a unique way to travel around the city without actually going through the hassles of traveling. What do you say?

The innovative hotel-transit system uses a sustainable, modular design in the form of shipping containers that double as traveling guest suites. It repurposes shipping containers as suites that travel through the Hyperloop System. At the destination city, the suites could dock at a modular hotel. The design relies on the Hyperloop Network that could accommodate the suites.


Siebrecht is the student winner of this year’s Radical Innovation Award, a competition for innovative hotel designs. A jury of seven hotel investors, developers, and architects out of over 65 submissions from 24 countries. The innovative Hyperloop Hotel concept was inspired by the startup Hyperloop One, which recently began construction of a full-scale test track in Nevada desert.

Hyperloop Hotel would cost between $8 million and $10 million. The unique concept will be showcased during an event in October, which is held to select the competition’s winner.

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