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A Little Crazy Is Required To Be Highly Successful in Business
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Let’s admit it: Success is not normal, it is something unusual that comes to some unusual and crazy people. You might have heard that only hard work is the key to success, it isn’t, insanity is. And when you observe some of the people who are highly successful, they ought to be a little crazy.

People are content living up to their status quo life, which starts from going to the school, getting a good job, getting married, having kids and ends at dying. On the contrary, people who are successful in business don’t tend to follow those default rules, because they are different, they are crazy.

Here’s how being a little crazy helps them to be successful in business:

They define unusual for the normal people

The thing about successful people is that they think out of the box, and by doing so, they create new boxes for the ordinary people to think inside of. Sometimes thinking differently and making a difference is what it takes to flourish your business.

They don’t care what others think

People who are crazy don’t care about what others think and they don’t even try to change their behavior to suit the societal appropriateness. They don’t have a tendency to please others and thus give themselves the freedom to do whatever they truly want to do.

They take β€˜no’ as a challenge

You dare say β€˜no’ to a crazy person and they will hear it as β€˜I dare you’, they will simply prove you wrong. They don’t quit easily, their craziness and the ability to turn a rejection into a great business is the trait of a successful entrepreneur, isn’t it?

They don’t abide by the rules

Rules are to hinder the imagination and control the genius and innovative minds. How can one be an entrepreneur if he keeps on obeying those rules, which won’t let him think beyond what’s already been done?

They don’t fear the failure

Risks and rewards go hand in hand, and a crazy person understands that. He is not afraid of taking risks, as he knows that to grow, you ought to take some risks. They don’t strive for perfection, as they know that nothing in this world can be perfect, and sometimes the imperfections make it better.

They are crazy enough to trust themselves

They always listen to their gut, their instinct, their sixth sense, and their inner voice. All the people have their inner voice, which guides them all the time, but people usually don’t trust it. And that’s where we go terribly wrong. The one who are successful in business have a tendency to trust their gut and that takes them far ahead than the rest of us.

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