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Linkscube: Professional Networking For Industry Leaders

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Linkscube: Professional Networking

Linkscube: Professional Networking

Social media is a constantly changing realm, with tons of different sites coming and going, catering to different niches, and trying to offer something the others don’t. The latest entrant in social media is a site called Linkscube, which combines job boards with the chance to network for the purpose of professional networking and development with industry leaders.

Professional Networking on Linkscube

Linkscube is a professional networking website where individuals can share knowledge related to their professional field(s) of interest, make connections, hunt for jobs, and really build a personal, yet professional brand. Linkscube is similar to those job boards and other social networking sites, except that it's centered on what people know, instead of what people have done (or said they have done). Linkscube is currently in private beta testing.

"I plan to build a environment where people will start knowledge sharing, competing with each other on global level, and showing to people their capabilities," said the founder of Linkscube, who wished to remain nameless. "Person who live far away, such as Bangalore or Shanghai can showcase his or her talent and get noticed by a hiring manager sitting in New  York or California."
What Makes Professional Networking on Linkscube Different?

The one thing that sets Linkscube apart from the others is its basis on knowledge. Users are allowed to ask questions and get answers to those questions without having to go to different online forums, or scrolling through discussion pages to find responses. Users will know when their question has been answered because they will be immediately notified on their profile. Users can also answer the questions of others, and follow those who provide excellent answers to those in their profession. This way, users can build a reputation and gain exposure through the demonstration of their expertise, instead of through a resume or through following everyone that’s already on the site.

"There are so many question and answer websites where people share their knowledge, but the experts can't get noticed by hiring managers as it is hard to find details about the expert," the founder said. "On Linkscube, users can create a global identity by registering and by being engaged with other users in everyday technical discussions and knowledge sharing."

After all, people are much more than a collection of positions and accomplishments that fit nicely on a resume. A person also includes the wealth of knowledge that he or she has acquired over the course of the career, no matter how long or short. This wealth of knowledge includes everything from working with specific computer programs to putting together a quality presentation or proposal. Also along the way, many people have questions, and finding the answer may not always be the easiest thing. People can try to find them on search engines or blogs, but how do you know the answer came from a credible source? Linkscube makes it easier to ask questions and to get answers, but to get those answers from qualified professionals and industry leaders who've been there and done that.

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    Proliferation of social networks catering to interests of one or the other has swamped the online space,so kudos to the team of Linkscube for keeping their focus on the profile of audience they are trying to reach out. This is the only way through which networking portals like Linkscube, Apna Circle among others can take on the behemoths like LinkedIn, Facebook. The key is to know your audience

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