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LinkedIn Earnings: Tops Analyst’s Estimates; Acquires for USD 120M
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LinkedIn shows rock-hard financial performance topping analysts’ estimates as Q4’13 revenues take a 47% leap with $447 million. The company earned 3 cents a share or $3.8 million that was down 67% from $11.5 million or 10% share a year earlier.

The California-based company also projected first-quarter revenue between $455 million and $460 million, leaving investors despondent with its plodding growth. LinkedIn’s total 2014 revenue projected between $2.02 billion and $2.05 billion. Stock prices of the professional social networking site embarked as much as 15% downward trail in extended trading.

LinkedIn’s Q4 Revenue breaks down


Total mobile users of the site accounted for 38%, compared to 8% in early 2011. The company has set its sight on making money out of its mobile application through features such as sponsored updates.

LinkedIn makes it biggest acquisition deal till date buys for $120M

LinkedIn made its biggest acquisition deal till date by buying for $ 120M .The data insight firm that connects employers and prospective hires utilizes machine-learning algorithm to recommend jobs to those who are looking for work. Over past few years LinkedIn has made several updates and launched new features to improve the process for recruiters, and from the looks of it, Bright seems to be a natural fit as it might kick things up under job posting.

The founder, Eduardo Vivas started with serial founder, Steve Goodman in 2011.  Eduardo had previously

founded Social Hour which was bought in 2012 for $51.5 million by Playphone. Serial entrepreneur Steve Goodman founded PacketTrap – acquired by Quest Software; Lasso Logic – acquired by SonicWALL (now a part of Dell) and Learning Productions – acquired by SkillSoft.

The $120 million will be paid in 73% stock and 26% cash.

Some of LinkedIn’s Acquisition till Date:


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