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Lincoln Navigator SUV will take you to Places in 2018

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SUVs usually come with highly powerful engines to ensure great capacity on all kinds of roads. Breaking the stereotype of such SUVs, the Lincoln Navigator offers the durability of an SUV with the comfort of a luxury car. The Navigator Concept was previously introduced at the New York Show last year which raised the inquisitiveness of the auto fans. For the New York International Auto Show 2018, the excitement among these fans is now a pitch higher. Lincoln Navigator has come up with a distinctive new look and interior which seems like a luxury car dream come true. Despite the presence of several other marketing programs at the motor show this year Navigator successfully stood out. This is in regard to the fact that the automaker keeps working on improving and innovating its products.

The first thought anyone would have on coming across the Lincoln Navigator is that it’s a humongous piece of automotive. It is almost equivalent to a gigantic luxurious yacht. The brand believes in retaining a classy look without portraying luxury in a loud manner. This luxury SUV is equipped with interesting services which can help the user customize the driving experience according to his needs. It also had a Pickup & Delivery option inbuilt which gives the user the service to get the car picked up from home or work for the purpose of maintenance. This saves the user the inconvenience of dropping the car to the maintenance center.

Lincoln Navigator_01

Lincoln Navigator is a combination of luxury in an SUV.

Lincoln Navigator features

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator has a pilot program dubbed Lincoln Chauffeur. This will be available in the latest models of Navigators initially in Miami and San Diego. This feature helps the user hire a chauffeur with the help of the special Lincoln app. This chauffeur can run errands for the user such as pick up the kids after school; drop a guest to the airport, or even for a long drive. Lincoln is planning to launch a dealership to attract customers to its showrooms. The customer can use the model of his choice for up to 48 hours before purchasing it. Such at-home test drives are currently undergoing tests by the team in Dallas and Houston.

Lincoln Navigator_02

The driver controls are user-friendly.

The concept behind all these features is to make this luxury SUV absolutely effortless. Right from the time a customer shows interest in buying a car till its usage, Lincoln aims to provide the best services at all times. The engine also adds up to the effortless experience of the Lincoln Navigator. It is a tweaked version of the 450 horsepower twin-turbo V6. It also resembles a ten-speed transmission which was previously in the Ford Raptor pickup truck. This will help the luxury SUV deliver a ‘quiet performance’. The car will have numerous controls so that it adjusts to slippery or snowy conditions. Whether you are driving forward or backward, the 360-degree camera and adaptive cruise control will make it seem as effortless as possible. The price or release date of this luxury SUV is not out yet.

Lincoln Navigator _03

The upholstery resembles that of a luxury car.

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