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Let Your Mindfulness Lead You to Success
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Many around the world perceive mindfulness as meditation. But no, it is way more than that. Mindfulness is not meditation; it is just a part of meditation. There are innumerable ways through which one can practice mindfulness for success. This practice is not a creation to attain self-discovery or self-realizations. Mindfulness, in fact, is a very helpful tool to climb the ladder of success.

This practice is backed by science according to a research by the Harvard University. A psychology professor at this renowned university, Dr. Ellen Langer conducted a research on mindfulness that ended with breakthrough results. Langer is also the author of the highly acclaimed book- Mindfulness, and is working on this topic for almost the last three decades.

According to her research we suffer from certainty and we are mindless for most of the times. Our personal, professional, social, etc. all sufferings can come to an end if we start practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is more of a conscious attempt towards all good things in life. When you start noticing new things, big and small, your heart starts filling with gratitude. Rather than living in the regrets of past and hopes of the future, you start living in the gratitude of the present.

The benefits of mindfulness include a wide range of aspects from better health, innovations, improved relationships, and much more.

Mindfulness for Success

how to practice mindfulness for success

Well, we can also practice the ways to become mindful which can lead us towards success. No, we are not lying. It is very much possible and this is how you can do it.

Notice and Appreciate the Small Things

It is ultra important to take into consideration the little aspects of life that we tend to ignore. Mindfulness can be practiced when we start looking at things from a different perspective. How many of us live in the regrets of the past or the fears of the future? Shake all such apprehensions aside to be truly grateful for the present (yes, the β€˜today’ is genuinely a gift).

mindfulness for success

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, the rays of sun on your desk, the cuckooing of birds on your window pane, how beautiful your day can become if you simply start noticing such details, consciously!

Also, when you start noticing little details, the finer things in life, your innovative capabilities will show a boost. Try pitching the same project to a new client in a different way and see the wonders that will happen.

Your Nights

use mindfulness for success

Yes we all have a tiring day at office. But that does not mean that we should simply switch off for the day or immense ourselves in the shackled world of social media. Pick a book, tune in to good music or just close your eyes and observe your breath. Feel the momentum of the present and immerse yourself into a peaceful sleep for a better morning.

Your Mornings

practice mindfulness for success

After a night comes the morning and they should be equally peaceful. Leave the e-mails and texts for your 9-5 timings. Rather take time out to show gratitude for being alive, being in the moment. (Do not forget to notice the small things!) Instead of piling on anxiety first thing in the morning by checking your phone, take some time out to meditate, do your favorite activity, exercise or simply enjoy the morning peace.

Being the most creative time of the day, use your mornings to give a positive kick start to your day.

Focus on the Now

howto use mindfulness for success

Multitasking may be a great virtue but not for someone who wants to live life to the fullest. When you want to practice mindfulness for success; give in your entire focus towards the β€˜Now’. Focus on your current task rather than letting your mind eagle-spread onto four different tasks. It is good to have your attention on various things. But for success, the numero uno quality required is undivided attention and focus on one single thing.

Only then you will be able to create wonderful outcomes and results.

These are just some pointers that we can show you to practice mindfulness. If a leading mindfulness expert can continue her research for 35 years; know that it is not something we can fit in just some paragraphs. Mindfulness and its practice is a vast topic, but what is important is this, the present and the small things!

One Comment

  • Dr. Carl Erikson says:

    I have worked with many business clients for years and have taught all of them mindfulness meditation. I have found that the practice of mindfulness meditation makes them more open and able to innovate far better than before they began their mindfulness practices. Mindfulness meditation can also help improve customer service and sales skills as well. Often it is helpful to have some guidance or a teacher when beginning to do meditation. When a teacher is not available or possible I highly recommend the guided meditation training downloads by Jon Shore.

    One can argue all day about the effectiveness of meditation or mindfulness or one can try it and see for oneself. I usually recommend the second option.

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