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Leighton Welspun Contractors Pvt. Ltd.

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Leighton Welspun Project

Leighton Welspun Project

Leighton Welspun Contractors Pvt. Ltd. (Leighton Welspun) is one of India’s largest and most respected international contractors.  Operating in India since 1998, Leighton Welspun is part of the Leighton Holdings Group, Australia’s leading construction, mining and project development group. Leighton Holdings is majority owned by HOCHTIEF AG, the world’s largest international contractor.

Leighton Welspun is a fully owned subsidiary of Leighton Holdings, one of the world's largest contracting groups. Founded in Australia in 1949, Leighton Holdings Limited listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1962.

Russell Waugh, an Australian transplant and managing director of Leighton Welspun in India, said the he originally came to India as a general manager, and that the original office was just him and an accountant.

“It seemed like an exciting place to work and to do business,” said Waugh, who’s been in India for the past seven years. “India is fairly diverse and has a very large growth potential.”

Leighton Welspun’s business in India has been built on its unwavering commitment to deliver quality projects, on time and within budget. Clients receive the latest in construction technology and methodologies, as well as a flexible approach to contracting structures.

Leighton Welspun is active in diverse range of sectors, including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Information Technology Development
  • Infrastructure

Waugh said that one of the company’s biggest challenges was finding the skilled labor in India to work on the various projects. To overcome this challenge, Leighton Welspun has its own training school, which has trained over 2000 people over the past three years. People go through training in groups of 60 to 100, learning the skills necessary to work in all the different sectors of Leighton Welspun.

“There’s a great talent pool in India,” Waugh said. “Leighton Welspun is on the ground and not developing from abroad.”

This training program is part of the company’s commitment to developing and nurturing its employees to ensure that the knowledge, experience and skill of its workforce remain market-relevant and up-to-date. This training facility, which runs the programs in partnership with TAFE, Australia, incorporates a personalized curriculum that includes concepts and practices. Leighton Welpun’s sustained efforts result in better quality, faster turnaround times and greater safety not only for its people, but also for its clients.

Waugh also said that it was India itself that helped Leighton Welspun to be successful in the country. Since the company has offices in the country, as well as over 30 years of experience in Asia, it’s been able to meet commitments with more quality and consistency than those who choose to develop from abroad.

“The company will be similar to last year [in revenues],” Waugh said. “India has a bit of sluggishness, but there remains a solid picture of growth.”

The Leighton Group’s financial strength has been a key factor in its success over many years and Leighton Welspun is fortunate to be able to benefit from this. The balance sheet supports performance bonds, bank guarantees and letters of credit, which provide our clients with security that projects will be completed in accordance with contracts.

This enables Leighton Welspun to take equity stakes in projects and can also assist clients in raising debt funding at competitive rates The company has the ability to develop project financing solutions to suit each individual clients’ needs.

One of these projects for Leighton Welspun is a contract by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) for topside modification, hook-up and pre-commissioning and riser installation in G1-GS15 field in Bay of Bengal, 20 kilometers off the Amalapuram coast in Andhra Pradesh, India. The G1-GS15 Field Development Shallow Water Project involves installation of risers, subsea tie in and ‘WYE’ piece, deck extensions, hook-up and pre-commissioning of two topsides GS15-1 (new) and GS15-4 (existing). The scope also includes post trenching and back filling of pipe lines in LFP area and testing of umbilical.

Offshore installation work on the project started in December 2010, was finished in March 2011, and cost $17 million to complete. ONGC is Asia’s largest oil exploration and production company and ranks 21st among the world’s top 50 publically traded companies in the oil and gas industry. The company holds the largest share of the hydrocarbon acreages in India and contributes over 79 percent of India’s oil and gas production. Waugh said that not only was Leighton Welspun able to complete the project in four months, but that it did set a few records as well.

“We laid more pipelines in one day than anyone else,” he said. “We also made the most modifications in one season.”

In order to remain the best and to do top notch work like the G1-GS15 field, Leighton Welspun continuously invests in equipment and is always open to new opportunities. In oil and gas, for example, the company is a leader in construction and installation of Single Point Mooring (SPM) systems, having constructed and installed more SPM systems in India than any other company. Leighton Welspun also has significant experience in laying large diameter offshore pipelines and complete shore approaches.


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