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Leadership Goals: Finding Your Purpose

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Finding Your PurposeLeadership is an evolving journey. The rough-and-tumble lying before you is often unpredictable. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to lead without a map. As we’ll see, the core of leadership is to define your vision and manifest it into the world.

It’s not unusual in the success stories that we find ordinary people who have become pioneers. They begin with no material means and go on to lead successful multi-million dollar companies that promise to change the world. Besides being inspired by their vision, you will find that these people lead from the soul in the twists and turns of the real world. In fact, by choosing a passion fueled vision as a path to success, the real world becomes a phenomenal place for leaders, a place where success leads to personal discovery.

Great leaders like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson undertook their journey based on the highest inspiration in moments of absolute darkness and used it as a map to override struggle, and used the same awareness to their family, community, and to the corporation.

The journey to leadership is about expanding one’s awareness. Your mind perceives every single aspect of a situation. It gives perspective to you that you ordinarily don’t access because of your own inner struggles. It is then, that you begin to see your biases and limitation. And when you do, what was once an obstacle, becomes an effortless benchmark, as your mind clears the way for you.

Your vision becomes much clearer until it seems that the world is conspiring for you to provide the creativity, power, and intelligence for you to foray into a journey of visionary leadership.

How does one recognize the landmarks of leadership?

When you talk to the most successful visionaries, you often find that they all began with a passion and supreme dedication to fulfil a deeply felt purpose. Researchers have tried to find the reasons for the rise of successful visionaries. Being born into wealth, going to an Ivy League school, or scoring a high IQ in a test would more or less turn an individual into a leader. But that is not true. Sure, external advantages can give a head start, but they don’t guarantee success. One can start with nothing and still emerge as a pioneer and turn the world into a better place. Your vision can emerge at any moment, at any point in life, as a true expression of who you are, and will be found in the deepest understanding.

In today’s world, leaders are taught to use their minds to analyze various hypothetical scenarios, completely eliminating the need for feeling, insight, intuition, and profound wisdom from years and years of observation and perception. Great leaders have the same thoughts that we do, but they go deeper and ask their minds to evoke a new response, and turn a vision into reality.

What is your true purpose? How will you make it happen?

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