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Have you ever bought a book? After bringing it home, have you smelt it hard? Have you felt the pages first before going through the actual contents? For those who have not had such a pleasure, I feel sorry for you. When you are about to read a book, you tend to prepare yourself to plunge into a new world, start a new journey and meet new people. This is the effects of books. They transport you to a different world altogether. The charm of the books can never be surpassed by movies, e-books and their likes. The joy of reading a book is something I really cannot put into words properly., And not only does it just provide joy but leadership books also help in shaping a good and an effective leader.


You don’t waste money when you buy a book; in fact, you are investing in a better future.

A leader is someone on whom dozens rely upon. S/he must, at all times be aware of everything that is going on. A leader needs to act responsibly and come up with solutions for the issues that take place. A leader’s responsibilities keep varying from job-to-job but one thing is constant. He has to be aware, alert and think critically at all times. The important decisions must be taken by a leader. At such times, books help a lot to learn and act in accordance to the situation. When leaders read, they are actually sharpening their minds and opening up to more probable discussions and theories.

Imparts Knowledge:

A leader may not have knowledge about everything on earth, but books help in bringing the knowledge to him. When you read, you come across material that helps you in forming your own decisions. It may also be possible for a book to help form an opinion. Books are the best resources to rely upon for information. They are complete in itself and help make informed decisions on any and every subject.


Leaders do come across many challenges. A leader must be prepared at all times to face them. A book prepares a leader to face disputes. When you read, you come across challenging issues and material, it helps you think, reflect well and then come to a proper and a logical conclusion. In the same way, a challenge cannot be faced without enough contemplation. It is important for the person to think of the various possibilities. Also, if the person has read about something similar, then all he needs to do is refer back and come to a proper solution.


A book prepares a leader to face challenges.

Helps in healthy debate:

A leader is nothing without a team. The team may not consist of everyone promoting the same ideology. In order to get to know their team mates, a book helps leader come across various topics that s/he could put forward his teammates. Debates also help leaders come across more point of views. Only when a leader will be well-read will he be able to come up with topics for a debate.

Gain experiences:

The other good part about reading is that you not only get to learn from your own experiences but also from the experiences of the characters in a novel that you might be reading. When a particular character undergoes a situation in life, we get to learn as third persons what should and should not be done. Reading helps in gaining experiences of great people all across the world with hardly anything to give in return.


Pick fiction, fantasy, autobiography, crime, whatever you like because all of them will have something to help you learn and grow.

The greatest of leaders will have sworn to have read in their lives. Books are considered to be the best kind of inspiration. Not everyone is born a leader. But they learn and acquire the skills from the knowledge that flows from books. My father used to say that when you buy a book you don’t waste money; in fact, you are investing in a better future. So go to a bookstore and shop for any leadership books. It does not matter what genre you pick. Fiction, fantasy, autobiography, crime or whatever you like. All of them will have something that will help you learn and grow.

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