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Being a leader, it is your responsibility to promote teamwork
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A leader is that glue which holds the team together. We are all aware that in designation a leader is always one step higher than his teammates. Along with this, it is also a fact that however efficient a leader might be, he can’t function properly if the team doesn’t work in synchronization. This is why one of the main responsibilities of a leader is to guide his team on the right path. A team is a group of people who have to work together to achieve the desired goal. To attain any such goal, teamwork plays a major role. This makes it essential for the leader to promote teamwork among his peers to reach the aim they desire.

3 ways to promote teamwork in office

1. Open communication and healthy rapport

It is a basic understanding that if the members of your team don’t communicate with each other freely, then working together will be more of a task than a habit. In order to avoid awkward silences in a meeting, it is necessary to promote teamwork by sharing a healthy rapport. When certain people are comfortable with one another on a personal level, working together automatically becomes smoother for them. This is because the people are not scared of judgment while sharing their ideas. Even criticism among peers is taken as feedback. Even if there is a disagreement about work, it can be sorted out through logical discussions. Be it the celebration of success or the disappointment of failure, it becomes easier to deal with as a team.

Promote teamwork

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg holds frequent open discussions.

2. Β Assign responsibilities

When you assign responsibility to a particular individual, he gains a sense of importance. This motivates him to give his best in whatever he does to prove that he is capable of taking up the particular responsibility. Also, these individuals then have to work in synchronization with one another as the responsibilities of a team are inter-linked. Assigning responsibilities separately can avoid any kind of ego clashes among the teammates. This is because everyone will be busy in doing their job to prove their efficiency. Such a practice will reduce the scope for unhealthy competition in a team.

3. Plan social gatherings

There have been stories where people have worked together for years but have never had a chance to interact with one another outside the office premises. This clearly signifies that such individuals share a strictly professional relationship. There is nothing wrong in this but being cordial makes working together a pleasant experience and something to look forward to. Along with this, a motivational reason helps the team perform better. The best way to do so is plan social gatherings. Outings with your team are a great way to promote teamwork. This way your team would want to work hard to attain the reward. And also an outing will serve as a refreshment to get back to work with even more enthusiasm. So the next time your team achieves a particular target, take them out for a bowling session or simply a lunch together so that they can unwind together.

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