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Lazy Leadership โ€“ The Lazy Way Is The New Trend
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All of us are leaders in some way. The point is, can we be relationally lazy leaders? Lazy usually portrays as disinclination towards work. Many leaders are otherwise hard working but disinclined to affiliating efforts such as enticing engagement, hurt feelings, and antagonization. The gaping generational divide between start-ups, Gen X and chiliads has only added to the relative demands on today's leadership. Perhaps the rise will prove assertive if the concept of โ€˜Lazy Leadershipโ€™ is to be adopted. Regardless, there is budding pursuit for relationally engaged and assertive leaders. Cut it short to lazy leaders.

The demand of leadership always outreaches supply. It is not practical to have varied attributes and infinite energy to wholly achieve todayโ€™s leadership requirements. In addition to that, few traits are implicitly and mutually unique. These may include being prophetic, paying key attention to details, pursuing people, accountability, administration and dealing with naysayers.

Nevertheless, the good news is that we don't have to be invincible. Lazy leadership does not mean the individual inability to do all things. In fact it gets handy when there is a lack of intention to develop a team that collectively accomplishes everything. Leaders often loathe things they are not good at. The primary step for lazy leaders is to identify their strengths and account for their weaknesses. And then do this for members of their team.

The Lazyย Way to Leadership

Towards the downward spiral of accomplishing entrepreneurship lies delegation. Itโ€™s a constant process of detaching yourself from the equation step-by-step and giving the reigns to your team to get things done.

Many leaders never get throughย the delegation barrierย and loose interest along the way. They try appointing someone, and when that individual doesnโ€™t accomplish exactly what he or she can, they give up, dive in again and take over.

They build up subconscious power and ultimately convince themselves that the only person who can do things appropriately is solely them. In addition to that, they assume that without their continuous micro management, their company will collapse.

According to Michael Gerber, if your business depends on you, you donโ€™t own a business, you have a job. Ultimately, you will end up feeling like a lunatic.

If your company will fall apart if you as the leader go on a vacation for 3 months, youโ€™ve made yourself more important than you require being. Consequently, you end up workingย inย your business rather than onย it.

Itโ€™s time to build a lazy leadership mechanism. A lazy leaderโ€™s job is to create a mechanism that achieves the end result without doing the work himself. Many entrepreneurs forget this and get stuck in product, sales and marketing, whilst ignoring the larger picture. A lazy leader builds a company that can even run without them.

Delegation is key

Factually, delegation is an art and most business owners can conceptualise it. Handing work to someone else can feel like living your life without insurance. However, the reality is that while there are things you are very good at and plenty more for you to be good enough at, you are not the ultimate person to be doing all the things you had to do on the commence of your business. To create an enterprise that will outlive you, delegation is key.

The same logic is applicable to business owners and their personal financial planning. While they are certainly able of doing it themselves, itโ€™s not what they should resort for. Many business owners have come to the conclusion that by delegating work, it relieves them to do the things they value and enjoy a lot more. This can be spending time with their families and living the life that their financial plan has been made to help them achieve.

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