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LaFerrari: The Most Expensive Car of the Century for a Noble Cause
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The Italian automobile company Ferrari launched its much-talked about exclusive model LaFerrari claiming that only 499 such cars will be available in the market. The number of cars manufactured was in order to retain its exclusivity, thus increasing its market value. But the patriotic streak of Ferrari was evoked after Central Italy was hit by a series of earthquakes. This is when the automobile manufacturer decided to manufacture the 500th LaFerrari and donate it for a noble cause.


LaFerrari has impressive exteriors to make it stand out.

Several parts of Central Italy suffered damage due to the earthquakes that took place. Considering this, Ferrari decided to rebuild these areas. The funds raised by auctioning the 500th LaFerrari will be useful. The car was auctioned on Saturday for a price of an impressive $7 million. This made LaFerrari the most expensive car sold at an auction in the 21st century. The entire amount is for theΒ benefit of the earthquake recovery efforts being carried out in Italy. The relief work is under supervision by the National Italian American Foundation’s Earthquake Relief Fund.


The sleek look despite being a supercar is the trademark of a Ferrari.

The auctioneers in this deal, RM Sotheby’s, spent nearly five times more than the original price of $1.5 million as it isΒ for a noble cause. But due to the exclusivity of this model, earlier this year, a LaFerrari was worth $5 million at an auction. Car experts claim that there is no automobile at a price of $7 million. The value of this exclusive example of a limited-edition car will increase in future.


The hood of the car has a small Italian flag to promote the noble cause.

LaFerrari features

The LaFerrari is not an ordinary hybrid car. It is a V12 hypercar with a punch of electric nitrous. Being the last ever LaFerrari one can ever buy, the car has aΒ classic Ferrari look to it. It is red in color with a white dream line on the bonnet as well as the rear windscreen. The bonnet has a small Italian flag on it, to portray the cause it is supporting. The interior of the car is also unique to keep up with the exclusive theme of the model. The interior also features a special commemorative plaque.


The LaFerrari possesses substantial features.

The LaFerrari has a 6.2-litre V12 engine for smooth performance. This is supported by an electric motor to provide additional boost. The car also has 950bhp and over 663lb ft of torque. This feature gives the car the ability to go from 0-62mph in 2.9s, 0-124mph in 6.9s, 0-186mph in 15s flat and top out at over 218mph. People believe that owning such an automobile is likeΒ a dream. Apparently, such a dream is true only for the wealthy.

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