Kite Power System is an Innovative Source of Renewable Energy
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Recall those breezy summer mornings wherein we would step out of our houses looking for our friends as competitors for kite-flying. Who knew that a fun activity in childhood would end up providing energy to us with the development of technology? This far-fetched theory has come true with the Kite power system. Kite flying has now become a crucial factor in contributing to the renewable energy production for the country of U.S. Such an innovative technology might serve to be beneficial for the country as it is lagging behind in terms of renewable energy. This is in comparison to other countries which are concentrating on cutting down the use of fossil fuels.

Originally based in the UK, this startup has developed special technology to produce power from the wind that blows on a regular basis. This will take place with the help of custom-built kites that will glide through the sky. Such kites will fly at a height of hundreds of feet above ground level. Their aerial movements will help in powering a generator placed on the ground. According to a record made earlier this year, U.S. only used ten percent of renewable energy as a power source. But over the years, the number will gradually increase. In such a situation, such a wind energy system acts as a major breakthrough.


The purpose of this winch system is to generate electricity.

Functioning of the kite power system

Importance for renewable energy is increasing at a rapid pace in all the major countries of the world. Despite such growth, a major drawback is that companies are not able to successfully implement this energy. This means that green energy is not completely useful as a power source in our homes. The kite power system aims to fulfill this purpose in an effective manner. The wind is not only a highly useful source of renewable energy but also the most unreliable one. It is in regard to the fact that the pace of wind is never constant and might not be available all together as well. Relying completely on wind energy is not a practical solution.

The business development director of kite power system, David Ainsworth states that two hybrid kites will fly together at a height of 1,500 feet. The tethers of these kites will be attached to a winch system. The purpose of this winch system is to generate electricity. On the kites achieving a speed of 100 mph to 200 mph, the tether tension of the kite causes spooling out the line. This then acts as a generator that produces electricity. Both the hybrid kites share the same airspace. They are fully automated which results in a constant yield of energy.

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