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Jessica Alba’s Honest Company

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Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, the four-year-old consumer products start-up in Santa Monica, California, has outstandingly flourished her name in its relevant industry. Moreover, it has wowed the tech community with a $1.7 billion valuation this summer. It’s not a vague fact that prior to being the founder of The Honest Company, Alba is renowned as an actress.

Her performance as a hip-hop choreographer in 2003’s Honey and a headstrong stripper in Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City franchise are remarkable. Moreover, years ago, the name Jessica Alba was tantamount with Hollywood. She defined the top of every hot list, emerged on the show "Dark Angel" and movies like "Honey” and made her admirers go head over heels for her sense of fashion.

Nonetheless, today, the name Jessica Alba means a lot more in the entertainment industry. The 34 year old just roofed for the Forbes' Self-Made Women issue. This was after her becoming one of the 50 top limit achievers in the industry as the co-founder of The Honest Company. Along with co-founder Christopher Gavigan, Jessica Alba has grown the company to a billion dollar success story.

The Birth of Jessica Alba’s Honest Company

The lady sensed a requirement for a healthful lifestyle brand and decided to fill this gap in that particular market. The reason was truly to create a safer and healthier world for children. The augment of toxic chemicals in everyday life has led to many grave and unceasing illnesses. The Honest Company was birthed with a goal of a revolutionized family brand that has efficient, eco-friendly and reasonable products. With the company’s dedicated efforts, fortunately in 2014, the company established reserves that valued it at over $1 billion.

Jessica Alba's Honest Company

There is a possibility that Alba’s recognition as an actress helped the company to success. However, it also led many to doubt her abilities in the business world. She claimed many spokesmen perceived her as cross-eyed when she expresses her objectives. Furthermore, most of her advisors in the entertainment industry suggested her to do a perfume brand. However, those advisors lacked observing that Alba had an ambition beyond plodding her signature on ordinary products.

Her Outlook for Life

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company has hoisted multiple rounds of funding. Moreover, success has come at a cost for Alba. She proclaims that she has to put in great effort to balance her time as an actress, business owner and mother of two daughters.

At present, Alba is using her healthful, positive outlook on life to endorse something she believes in. Her life motto is prospering from the inside out. She has partnered with Zico Premium Coconut Water for their Crack Life Open national campaign. This campaign aspires to prompt people that life is better and accomplished when we are healthy and mindful.

These days, there is a lot of hustle and bustle in life with the kind of lifestyle we have. Jessica Alba, with her ever so proactive outlook recommends that you have to take time to take care of yourself. You have to make yourself a priority.

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