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James Bond’s Favorite car Aston Martin Loaded with Gadgets up for Auction
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The James Bond car- the Aston Martin DB5, loaded with spy gadgets, will be up for auction in August by RM Sotheby's Auction House.

James Bond car

Though just a fantasy character, James Bond has made many people envious with this extravagant and nefarious life  – the license to kill, traveling to the most exotic destinations, James Bond gadgets, drinking the best Martini (Shaken, not stirred), and driving the world’s coolest car; who didn’t want a piece of that?

The logical ones may have laughed at Bond movies, deducing them to be “ridiculous,” but they too hankered for the sleek gray Aston Martin, the coveted James Bond car fitted with gadgets to off villains.

Now people actually have the opportunity to get their hands on the sweet gray 1965 Aston Martin loaded with gadgets. RM Sotheby’s Auction house has announced the 1965 Aston Martin outfitted with special gadgets – tire slashers, machine guns, and a bullet proof shield, to go up in auction in August.

The sweet ride with its top-secret hardware will fetch an amount between $4 million and $6 million, said the auction house. Included in the car are 13 modifications made for Bond, including the Browning .30 caliber machine gun in each fender, tire slashers mounted on its wheel hubs and a bulletproof rear screen that can be raised and lowered.

This James Bond car was never really in a Bond film, but closely matches the one seen in Goldfinger and Thunderball. The one on auction was used by Eon Productions for promotional events of Thunderball.  When Thunderball was set to release in 1965, Aston martin itself created two DB5s to use for promotional purposes. One of them will be up for auction in August RM Sotheby’s sale at Monterey Car Week August 15-17.

Offered for sale in 1965, the DB5 was originally purchased by collector Lord Anthony Bamford. Later, this car found a place in the Smokey Mountain Car Museum in Tennessee. 35 years later, Swiss car engineering company – Ross Engineering has fully restored the Aston Martin. One of the most iconic James Bond gadgets, the telephone in the driver’s side door and a hidden compartment to store weapons, is also said to be present in the car up for auction.  The car till now has had only three private owners.

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