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ISRO All Set to Launch the Most Powerful Rocket in India
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Just when we thought that SpaceX was leading the game in terms of aeronautical advances, ISRO of Indian origin decided to make its presence felt. The Indian Space Research Organization is all set to launch the most powerful rocket the country has ever witnessed. This is a significant move not only for India but also the entire world as ISRO is known to give tough competition to aeronautical organizations such as NASA and SpaceX. Earlier this year, the organization had broken the world record of NASA by launching 104 satellites all at once. Since then, space experts and fans are inquisitive about major developments in ISRO. This mission by ISRO will not only launch the most powerful rocket but also the heaviest one in India.

The launch of this GSLV MK-III spacecraft will take place on June 5, 2017, at 5:28 p.m. IST. The launch station is located at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. The reason behind the excessive weight of this spacecraft is that it will carry the largest payload a rocket from ISRO has ever taken to space. The rocket is responsible for launching a 6,913 lb GSAT-19 satellite. The aim of this satellite is to provide internet access. The success of this launch would once again make ISRO significant on the international map.


The fully integrated GSLV Mk-III-D1 carrying GSAT-19 at the second launch pad.

More about the mission of the most powerful rocket

The scientists of ISRO are eagerly counting on this mission. This is because if the launch takes place successfully, India will be at par with countries like U.S. and China in terms of delivering payloads at this level to space. Up until now, India had to rely on foreign space stations to conduct such launches which cost the country humongous amount of money. Along with this, this mission can open up commercial opportunities for its sub-sector, Antrix.

One can get an idea about the importance of this mission by the investment of the time period behind the construction of this spacecraft. The GSLV MK-III was under the building stage for over fifteen years. Its construction took time as the scientists wanted to make sure that it was sturdy. This was essential to bear the weight of such a heavy satellite. Such rigorous planning and working on the same resulted in the most powerful rocket by the country. Such an impressive rocket will drastically cut down on ISRO's expenses on hiring such rockets from other organizations.

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