Iran blocks Google and creates domestic internet system
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Mahmoud Ahamdinejad, the President of Iran

Mahmoud Ahamdinejad, the President of Iran

Iran has planned to block the access to Google and create a domestic internet system for its citizens. According to the officials this is a way by means of which they will be able to improve the system of cyber security in Iran. On the contrary however, it is feared by many Iranians that this a new upcoming way of the Government to control their access to the World Wide Web.

The announcement of the plan:

The deputy minister of the government of Iran made the announcement on the 23rd of September via state television that the search engine of Google Inc. along with its email services will be blocked within a short period of time. According to an official who has been identified as Khoramabadi which is his last name, the services provided by both Google and Gmail will be filtered all over the country until any further notifications. This is as per the officials a measure that will help Iran check on web browsing of its citizens. They have instead developed an Iranian domestic internet network system for the benefit of their citizens.

Iran’s internet system:

According to the ISNA or the Iranian Students' News Agency, this latest measure to ban Google is related to an anti-Islamic film that was on the site called YouTube of the company. The film caused immense outrage all over the Muslim world. All this is just a speculation though as there is no official confirmation on this matter. Iran check on web browsing is amongst the highest in any countries all over the world thereby preventing its citizens from accessing innumerable sites over the internet. These sites are on official grounds regarded as criminal or offensive and henceforth there is this system of cyber security in Iran. There is also the speculation among many Iranian nationals that the Iran check on web browsing specially sites like YouTube and Facebook is due to their use as a means of displaying protests against the Government after the disputes that were related to the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad in the year 2009. The cyber security in Iran also prevents the access to the sites that express views against their Government. Many Iranians however use a software called the virtual private network (VPN) which helps them overcome the filter laid by the Government by making them appear as located in some other country.

Iran’s own internet network system:

Iranian officials have however for long spoken in favor of the creation of an Iranian domestic internet network system that would be completely separate from the World Wide Web so as to increase cyber security in Iran. Recently almost all the Government officials have been connected to the Iranian domestic internet network and plans are further being made to connect the ordinary Iranian citizens to this network as well. According to the reports of the Iranian media this domestic network would come into full action from the month of March in the year 2013. There was however no clarification whether the global internet system would be completely isolated once this Iranian domestic internet network is implemented completely.

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