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Intel Capital Declares Investment of $38 Million in 12 Inventive Tech Startups

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Intel Capital recently made an announcement that it is investing $38 million in twelve technology startup companies. The biggest chip manufacturer of the world, Intel has initiated the venture of Intel Capital. The company made this declaration in the beginning of its annual Intel Capital Global Summit.

This 17th annual Intel Capital Global Summit was held in San Diego, California. Around 1,000 entrepreneurs, investors, as well as business luminaries gathered for this event with the hope of shaping the future of technology. Experts claim that the annual Summit is the largest venture industry event by a single-investment firm. During this 3-day conference, over 3,000 meetings took place for the marketers to interact well. This unique event enables the tech investment community to involve with the key people and build long-term relationships.

Benefits of this investment made by Intel Capital

Intel Capital claims that it has invested in those startups which have an innovative approach. This will be beneficial to increase their market value. These latest investments include startups such as autonomous machines, augmented reality, virtual reality, and big data analytics. The given companies will aim to focus on finding a solution for seniors and disabled people who use the Internet of Things. This would also be helpful in making everyday objects smart and connected. These startups will also develop an advanced audio for the 360-degree virtual reality systems as well as human-like systems for connected cars.


The vice president of Intel and the president of Intel Capital, Wendell Brooks released a statement that innovation is essential. This is because the world is transforming into an increasingly smart and connected place. It is looking forward to collaborate with such visionary entrepreneurs. This will help to develop breakthrough technologies in order to transform lives as well as industries.

Companies that secured investments

The Chinese firms Eazytec and Grand Chip Microelectronics whereas the US companies Paxata and StealthMine have attained investments for the field of data and connectivity. The audio immersive firm Dysonics and the cloud-based virtual reality solutions provider InContext Solutions have been granted undisclosed investment as a part of this project. Other investments in the sports and health department include companies like CubeWorks, Kinduct, and K4Connect.

Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested over $11.8 billion in 1,478 companies around the world. Through this, 617 portfolio firms become public or go through acquisition. The company aims to target wearable and robotic technology, computing and smart devices, data center, cloud, security, the Internet of Things, and semiconductor manufacturing.


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