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Intel Autonomous Cars will be a Separate Business Unit
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Almost every automobile manufacturer is launching its own self-driving vehicle. With the advent of hi-tech in the mechanisms of cars, such cars are now popularly known as computers on wheels. This is in context with the fact that the vehicles now include a number of processors for the fancy features it offers. The processors and chips have the feature of controlling various functions of the cars. These functions include brakes, navigation systems, power windows, and the transmission in automatic cars. But in self-driving vehicles, it is like a supercomputer on wheels as the computing system has to look after all the functions. For this, the company will install a separate business unit for Intel autonomous cars.

Intel is mainly famous for its expertise in the chip manufacturing business. It is now ready to venture in the field of autonomous cars as its expertise is one of the most essential factors in the production of an autonomous vehicle. In order to do this, Intel will form a separate business unit of the automobile manufacturing.

Intel autonomous cars project

The new separate business project for its manufacturing is dubbed the Automated Driving Group. Intel has been working on the project for a while now, as it has already acquired a number of companies for the same. The main acquisitions for this project are Delphi and Mobileye. In accordance to the deals finalized with these two companies, Intel will provide the necessary technology so that the companies. This can help in the production of the Intel autonomous cars.

Intel will provide specialized computer chips to Delphi which is an auto supplier. It will install these chips in the various parts of the automobile. On the other hand, Mobileye is an Israeli company which focuses on the production of the vision systems equipped in a car. Such systems will be in dire need of a processing chip to guide them; this is how Intel will work in collaboration with Mobileye.


The Intel autonomous car is equipped with processing chips.

Future aspects of the Automated Driving Group

Within a span of approximately two years, the two companies planΒ to provide a processing system to the automakers. This processing system will enable various producers to develop cars as well as trucks. Consequently, this will take place in a less expensive manner with the intelligence needed to drive the vehicle autonomously. The entire package includes the Mobileye and Intel chips which have the capability of computing up to 20 trillion mathematical operations per second. On the better development of this system in the meanwhile, the company aims to attain two to three times the current processing power.

Apparently, a spokesperson of Intel has confirmed the collaboration within these companies. Delphi and Mobileye will use the Core i7 Intel chip, which will become more powerful after a few weeks. Intel also announced that it will invest $250 million in technological start-ups that work on automated driving technologies. Thus, such development of technology will help manufacture efficient Intel autonomous cars.

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