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Instagram Update won’t be Coming Anytime Soon
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Instagram update

Everyone is talking about the Instagram update that will ditch the chronological feed and most popular posts will be displayed on the top of your timeline. Most of the Instagram users are pissed with this news and have started requesting their followers to turn on notifications for their posts.

What could be the possible reason for this Instagram update? Is it following Twitter and Facebook? Instagram is about to employ algorithms to determine which posts users may like and will display it on the top of their timeline. But the idea of having an algorithmic timeline is somehow not acceptable to people, especially to the ones who earn from their IG posts, as they are now unsure if their posts will be visible to more users.

Whatever we post online should have the same likelihood of being seen and liked, but apparently algorithms work against that by pushing more popular posts at the top of everyone’s timeline. Such judgment forces users to upload better pictures, which are more likely to get likes so that it is visible in the algorithmic timeline. Besides, knowing that algorithms are giving the judgment makes it feel more unfair. People have flooded the internet with “Keep Instagram Chronological” messages to save their right to scroll through a bulk of pictures that are not that popular or interesting.

Also, many brands, bloggers and celebrities have posted pictures with #turnmeon, which requests their followers to turn on notifications to their post. Turning notifications on will notify you every time the person uploads a picture. So once you do that, you will be bombarded with endless notifications that will tell you about the recent uploads. You don’t want that, do you? (Well, don’t forget to turn on notifications for your crush!)

So before turning on notifications for every other person that you follow, put yourself in Instagram’s shoes. Instagram assures that they will keep the posts from your family and friends even when they are not so popular. So if your best friend will upload a photo with her cats, you won’t miss it. All the pictures will be displayed, but only the order will change.

Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom stated that people usually miss 70% of their timeline content and this Instagram update will make sure that the 30% content that users view is better. However, this update is not coming anytime soon, and the company assures that it will inform users before making any changes.

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