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Inspiring Email Marketing Lessons from British Airways

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For the past few years, British Airways has leveraged on the power of online marketing to boost its revenue. The internet is crowded with stories of BA’s incredible email campaign. In fact, if you happen to be a British Airways passenger, you’ll experience their delightful email marketing marvel every now and then.

Inspiring Email Marketing Lessons from British Airways

Inspiring Email Marketing Lessons from British Airways

Here are a few email marketing lessons from British Airways’ successful email campaigns to improve on your own.


In its world-wide campaign, BA made sure to include issues important to every passenger while travelling. The campaign brilliantly shined for a number of reasons.

In one such email, BA mentioned how it had smartly tackled the issues of check-in speed along with lucid evidence on the same. It also included testimonials of several customers satisfied with the recent changes that were made for addressing several important passenger issues with the airlines. Most importantly, the emails were sent in a timely manner, such that customers enjoyed added responsiveness and attention at the same time.


For most brands, finding new ways to keep in touch with their customers is always a hassle. British Airways made sure to include seasonal promotions as a prop in its email marketing strategies. It started targeting high-value customers using relevant messages and created certain awareness around its existing offers that were specially created for them.


British Airways made it’s a point to use eRM to increase key business objectives in all its email campaigns. It came up with “Greater Part Cash Miles flexibility for Executive Club Members” in which a new range of pricing options were introduced along with a few other lucrative offers to delight its loyal customers. Its email campaigns were filled with brand loyalty programs through which it further enhanced engagement with its customers and made them lifelong partners in its successful journey as a beloved airline.


One such campaign by British Airways carried a very innovative subject line “Your new office will be flying out of London City airport soon”. As a recipient you’d be inquisitive to find out what’s going on with your office? Is it really flying off somewhere? British Airways had rolled out its new productive cabin environments and wanted to make sure all business travel customers were aware of the new products. It made smart utilization of PDFs to show its new seats and adjoining products and even asked recipients for their thoughts on the same.

Whenever new products are launched, BA makes it a point to give a personalized touch to every email broadcasted to its valued customers. Through smart use of demographic it matches how certain customers would like to be talked with and then creates content personally for each and every specialized segmented group thus giving a simple personalized feeling.


The last email marketing lessons that you don’t want to miss is creating a robust brand personality. British Airways newsletters are always filled with key information shown, such as BA miles in the kitty of the customers, Executive Club Tier points and membership info in a simple and engaging manner. It makes it a point to show call to action clearly in the layout.

Email marketing plays a very vital role for any business trying to win the hearts of their customers. Even if you’re facing serious competition from the market, these simple and lucrative steps can help you take your game up a notch. For more such creative strategies along with the right use of a properly segmented consumer email list, contact experts at Fresco Data to know more.

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