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Most Innovative Companies of 2018 in Cannabis Industry
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There is a constant growth of innovation in the Cannabis industry as the market is increasingly growing – more states are beginning to legalize cannabis. This means more demand and more innovations to satisfy the product consumers. According to Verena Von Pfetten, nearly $7 billion revenue was generated by Cannabis Industry in 2016 and the statistics expect the figure to go more than double in 2020.

High tech innovations introduced by various companies as a means of ensuring quality delivery and maintenance or improvement of product quality are not anything negligible. Most of which include lighting technology using LEDs, flavored marijuana, Isolated Terpenes, and Solventless Extraction Technology. There is a lot to achieve in the Cannabis Industry which existing evaluations will currently fail to ascertain.

Below is our list of the most innovative companies of 2018 in the Cannabis Industry.


Eaze is a cannabis company determined to end limited access of cannabis to millions of Americans that rely on medical marijuana every day for the treatment of various ailments. Their technology connects hundreds of thousands of certified doctors and dispensaries, and that allows the company to deliver marijuana quickly irrespective of the client's location in America. Eaze’s hard work also includes creating an easy lifestyle integrated with marijuana, and as one of the companies with leading cannabis technology, their commitment is deep in the product manufacturing, regulations, dispensaries and industry partnership. They have been instrumental in providing anonymous data used in developing sensible legislation while also improving cannabis ecosystem.


The company is a group committed to quality marijuana manufacturing and delivery. MassRoots are also devoted to creating a cannabis enthusiast network that is free from judgment where individuals can express themselves openly. They have a community where cannabis related and unrelated text, videos and pictures are shared among like-minded users from around the world.

Moxie Meds

Moxie Meds deliver cannabis products specifically for women. And according to the company, the products are specifically designed and produced by women. They have full plant extract and combined MCT oil which enables them to provide premium quality marijuana products for menstrual cramps and symptoms, stress related to hormones and all problems associated with reproductions.

The company is determined to bring balance and alleviate tough times on women’s minds and body through a lot of special marijuana products derived from plant medicine. And their formulas are fundamentally influenced by the ancient forms of medication.

Mountain Medicine

Mountain Medicine is one of the groups that deliver a high level of edibles through modern cultivation and cooking techniques. They are more fascinated by marijuana flavor and taste. Their flavor includes apple, strawberry, chocolate, etc. Cannabis from Mountain Medicine is one of the finest, and they apply a lot of chemistry in the manufacturing process. They have top-quality licensed doctors that ensure the accuracy and consistent medicinal dosage of their cannabis. Mountain Medicine has more offices in Colorado and over 12 flavored marijuana products.


MedMen is recognized as the premier turnkey management cannabis industry serving entire North America. They have high-efficient cannabis plant growing facilities, and their manufacturing facilities are notably with the best technology. They also play an outstanding role in the retail operations as cannabis license holders. The company prides helping more than 100 cannabis businesses to grow, and they have sustainable software specially designed for cannabis operations.

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