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Influential Young Business Leaders in FinTech Industry
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We are always curious as to who the innovators and risk-takers of the moment are. With new financial technology companies appearing every day, here is a list of the most influential young business leaders in the fintech industry.

They influence the payment transaction landscape globally. Their influences are incomprehensible and their power unrivaled.

Patrick Collison
Co-founder and CEO, Stripe

Patrick Collison influential young business leaders in fintech

Perhaps the most influential chief executive in fintech industry today, Collison’s passion for technology has revolutionized the way we send money back and forth. Under his excellent leadership, Stripe has grown tremendously in the world of online payments. Last year alone, 84% of U.S. adults purchased something via Stripe.

Collision’s unwavering belief in fintech has encouraged others to follow suit, resulting in greater innovation across the fintech industry. At just 30, there seems to be no limit to what he can achieve.

Eric Poirier
CEO, Addepar

Eric Poirier influential young business leaders in fintech

The young CEO of Addepar should be credited to have breathed new life into the fintech industry. As a business leader, Poirier has created a powerful legacy in a very short amount of time. He founded his first technology business at 15, winning high-profile brands such as eBay, Priceline and Novartis as loyal customers. After earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Columbia University, Eric worked at Lehman Brothers’ Fixed Income Analytics group and Palantir Technologies.

With such a stronghold in the fintech industry, Poirier holds a position of great influence. And he will, no doubt, continue to change the ecosystem for years to come.

Ryan Williams
Co-founder and CEO, Cadre

Ryan-Williams influential young business leaders in fintech

The co-founder and CEO of Cadre continues to revolutionize the role fintech plays in real estate investment, and the importance of his startup cannot be overstated. Prior to founding Cadre in 2014, Williams worked at The Blackstone Group and Goldman Sachs. No one has a bigger effect on the real estate industry than Williams, and he seems to have set the new standard in the fintech industry.

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