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Here comes another Monday morning, and it’s almost impossible to get up and start moving, but it’s time to get rid of your pajamas, and get back to work. I know you require a lot of motivation to face Monday mornings, so Industry Leaders is here with some Leadership Articles to keep you motivated through your day. But, don’t forget to grab your coffee!

Here are some Leadership Articles that may guide you to become a leader and inspire you to embrace your Mondays:

5 Leadership Qualities every Entrepreneur must have

This post shows what leadership qualities are essential in a leader, especially for entrepreneurs. An idea is not enough to establish a great business; one also requires some of the leadership traits to turn those ideas into reality. There is no doubt that some entrepreneurs are innate leaders, but if that’s not the case, this post will surely help you to develop some.

The Reason behind Gender Leadership Gap

Like it or not, there are various shreds of evidence related to the gender leadership gap. Some blame the responsibilities that women abide by as a mother while some consider men as the reason or you can say hindrance for women’s growth. None of that is true. This leadership article clearly states the real reason behind gender leadership gap.

Meet the Contemporary Hybrid Market Leaders

Often there are times when a business lacks either the technology or the marketing skills, but Hybrid Market Leaders combine the best of both worlds. They are now known as Chief Marketing Technology Officers, often referred as β€˜Unicorns’ by Silicon Valley giants. Hybrid Market Leaders deal in segments like marketing and media Analyzers, marketing connoisseurs, foundation architects, content curators, data specialists, experienced engineers to mend the gigantic gap between the absolutely opposite worlds of information technology and marketing.

Simply using these Words and Phrases may make you an Effective Leader

What can be better than becoming an effective leader just by using some of the words and phrases in your conversation with your team, right? This post will provide with some words that can do wonders when used correctly and the right time. After all, words are powerful, and you should know how to utilize them to your benefit.

Also, here is the real-life example of how leadership can change any business in a significant manner:

How Twitter changed after Jack Dorsey rejoined

This leadership article clearly describes the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey as an enigmatic and futurist leader, who revolutionized Twitter in noteworthy ways after he rejoined the company. All the changes made by the leader including 140-chararcter Tweet limit, replacing β€œFave” with β€œLike”, or changing the chronology of Twitter timeline has helped him to reshape Twitter and increase user engagement.

So, take a fresh start with this Monday, it’s never too late to dig in and begin a new journey to success.

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