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Indulge in Off-Roading in Style with the Toyota HiLux Tonka
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On recalling the fond childhood memories of playing in the dirt, one would recollect the time when there would be an off-roading race among the toy trucks about which truck would survive in the uneven sand dunes. It seems like Toyota took this childhood memory seriously and decided to make it lifelike. The Toyota HiLux Tonka looks like the toy truck has been enlarged according to the necessity of the humans. This creation is a high-riding off-roader which is capable of smooth transportation in the Australian Outback. Usually, such concept vehicles are pleasing to the eyes but fragile in terms of durability as they are hand-built. This Tonka truck is not only huge and attractive but tough to keep up with the challenges of off-roading.

Toyota HiLux Tonka02

The Toyota HiLux Tonka is a childhood dream come true.

This concept vehicle successfully brings together the iconic Tonka concept along with the unbreakable design of the HiLux brand. The Tonka truck is not only a full-size dream toy for the adults but also an impressive roaring truck which is all set to hit the roads of Australia anytime soon. The Toyota HiLux Tonka will not be available in dealer showrooms. But the auto enthusiasts will have the opportunity to witness this rock-crawling truck during its 4WD shows, field days, and expos around the Australian land. HiLux had attained the label of the becoming the first best-selling vehicle other than a passenger car in Australia last year. Its sales went up to 16 million. The brand aims to keep up its progressive streak with this concept vehicle as well.

Toyota HiLux Tonka features

The concept of this Tonka truck is on the basis of the Australian version of the top-of-the-range HiLux SR5. This truck is powered by 2.8-liter diesel engine whose grunt goes to all the four wheels. Moving on to the wheels, these wheels are massive in the truest sense measuring at 35-inches. The HiLux SR5 has been transformed into the Toyota HiLux Tonka with modified bodywork. This includes grille, a new front bumper, and carbon wrapped bonnet with the β€˜power bulge’ for the complete look of a Tonka.

Toyota HiLux Tonka

This Tonka truck is durable for all kinds of off-roading.

This truck with its yellow and black paint scheme has the ability to traverse rocks and other rugged terrains. There is a raise in the ride height by 150mm in the Toyota HiLux Tonka to enable better ground clearance, high-riding axle, and a heavy duty suspension. Moreover, a 6mm thick alloy bash plate isΒ underneath the front to protect the oil sump of the engine. This is accompanied by side rails to protect the body. The LED light bar mount is on the roof pod with a snorkel in a case of water crossings. Thus Toyota and HiLux have tried to put in as many features as possible. This will create a vehicle with exceptional durability for all kinds of off-roading terrains.

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