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Ikea Creates Syrian Home Replica to Emphasize on War Destruction
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Ikea collaborated with Red Cross Norway to create a Syrian home replica in its flagship store. This innovative has been inspired by the real-life incident of a woman who fled the war and created a home to provide shelter to her four children as well. This replica is built in order to raise funds for such victims of the war.

Due to the ongoing war in Damuscus, Rana realized that Syria was no longer safe for her and her young children. They fled to Jamarana which is a relatively safe suburb. As she did not have sufficient financial supplies, Rana rented a cinder block walled home devoid of any mattresses or plumbing. In reference to this, the Red Cross Norway decided to help Rana and other such families in distress due to the war. For this, Ikea will also provide support by reaching out to the public. Presently, Rana and her family is receiving basic amenities like food from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, which is a humanitarian organization part of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Ikea and Red Cross Norway raise funds for the people in distress

The Red Cross of Norway got together with Ikea for this project. The Syrian home replica has been set up in the flagship store in Stockholm. This is in order to attract the customers’ attention to the plight of these victims of the war and evoke empathy among them. Once people empathize with her story, they can donate either in the store or online.

This innovative project was designed by an advertising agency called POL. The agency has taken care to make sure that the replica is as close to the real home as possible. The replica has been named “25 meters of Syria” as it is also the actual size of the home. Roughly it is around 269 feet in area, which is just a little bigger than an average one-car garage. There are blankets and foam mattresses in place of beds, just like the actual home.


This is the layout of the Syrian home replica built at the Ikea store in Stockholm.

How will it make a difference

Each article of the house has tags telling the stories related to Rana and her family about their refugee lives. This will give an exact picture to the customers about how tough life is for the Syrian refugees. It will promote them to help in whatever little way they can. This contribution might make a difference to the people in need. The physical tour of such a humble home will make people realize how fortunate they are to be living in such comfortable accommodations. The Syrian home replica is a striking contrast to the luxury home products available in the flagship store. The contradiction between the two lifestyles is deliberate to create an impact in the mind of the customer.

The complete installation of this Syrian home replica in the Ikea store was done in the month of October. Since then, 40,000 people have visited the store. A majority of them specially came to take a tour of the replica. The campaign can be called a success as it raised $23.8 million.


This is the Syrian home replica in the flagship store of Ikea.

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