IKEA comes up with a solution to provide constant solar power
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Solar energy can be said to be the closest eco-friendly substitute of electricity one can find. This is mainly because it is inexhaustible and causes no pollution in any form. Nor do you a get a bill every month for using the solar power the way you do for electricity. The only expense one has to bear is the installation of the unit and you are good to go for a few years, to say the least. The only drawback it has is that in the case of a cloudy day, you might need to sit powerless literally in your home. Well IKEA has come up with a solution so that you have power in your house at all times.

Last year, IKEA teamed up with Solarcentury which is considered to be the leading solar company in the UK. This partnership was in order to sell solar panels for domestic use. This seems like a good effort to promote the use of solar power in our homes as well. But when these panels don’t get sufficient solar energy, the power system either switches to electricity or is forced to shut down. IKEA has come up with home storage batteries to curb this problem. These batteries will collect the energy that goes unused so that it can be utilized later on when the need arises.


The most basic solar battery will start at the price of $6,600.

Solar batteries for your home by IKEA

At the moment, one can add a solar battery to your solar power setup is only available in the UK. But if people are willing to splurge money on this device, then the company will think of exporting this product to other countries as well. IKEA also believes that these batteries will directly double the amount of solar power available for the consumer’s use. This seems like the best time to launch such a product in the market. This is as the electricity prices have gone up by fifteen percent this year.

If you already have solar panels installed on the rooftop of your home, then all you have to do is install IKEA’s home storage batteries. This battery can be placed in the backyard of your home and will keep storing power for future use. The most basic solar battery will start at the price of $6,600. The price will keep increasing depending on the requirement of the consumer. This innovation is believed to be a noteworthy step to take the renewable industry forward. Both the companies involved will not only profit financially from this product but also environmentally.

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