IBM to pay $1.5bn to Hive off failing Chip Division
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IBM Corporate Headquarters in Armonk.

IBM Corporate Headquarters in Armonk.

International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) has agreed to pay Globalfoundries Inc. $1.5 billion to split off its loss-making semiconductor unit, as indicated by two individuals familiar with the matter.

IBM will likewise get assets worth $200 million, taking off the net estimation of the transaction at $1.3 billion, said the individuals who asked to remain anonymous. The organizations plan to announce the transaction today, the individuals said. IBM put out an announcement yesterday saying it wanted to make a significant business announcement today.

After months of discussions, IBM Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty at last reached an agreement to discard the chipmaking unit, which has been unprofitable since quite sometime. Globalfoundries, which is owned by an investment unit of the Abu Dhabi government, is endeavouring to take the unit to tap the skills of IBM's experts in the basics of semiconductor design and manufacturing.

In a 10-year association, Globalfoundries will supply IBM with Power processors in return for access to IBM's intellectual property, the individuals said. That would permit Globalfoundries to get to key chipmaking engineering and ensure supply of chips that IBM requires for its products, for example the mainframe machines and Watson data-analytics technology.

IBM will pay Globalfoundries the $1.5 billion in the next three years, the individuals said.

In yesterday's announcement, IBM additionally stated that it wanted to announce its third quarter results today at 7 a.m. New York time, rather than after U.S. markets close as arranged earlier.

IBM is now part of a partnership with Globalfoundries, made in a spinoff of Advanced Micro Devices Inc's., production units in 2009, to create chip-production technology. IBM had been looking for an interested party to buy its chipmaking division since 2013.

At one point, IBM was ready to pay $1 billion to win over Globalfoundries to buy the unit, an individual acquainted with the matter revealed in August, underscoring the earnestness for Rometty to get rid of the division from the books. That was excessively low for Globalfoundries, which needed about $2 billion to balance the unit's losses, the individual said.

All through the discussions, Globalfoundries has been basically intrigued by gaining IBM's talented team of engineers as well as its intellectual property, instead of the assembling units, individuals with information of the matter said in June.

While IBM is pushing hard to exit from the chip manufacturing business, the organization is still investing into semiconductors. According to an individual acquainted with the matter, IBM wants to keep up control of the design and intellectual property of the chips that it utilizes. The organization plans to use $3 billion on innovative work using semiconductors in the following five years.

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