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Hyundai Ioniq Scooter is an Eco-friendly Concept at the CES 2017

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) going on in Las Vegas is showcasing a number of innovative automobile concepts by renowned companies. One such company is the famous car manufacturer Hyundai. The South Korean company has added an automobile with two wheels to its range of green cars called Ioniq. The concept of the Hyundai Ioniq scooter was unveiled at the CES 2017. This automobile is a compact as well as a portable electric scooter.

The electric scooter by Hyundai has the selling point of being compact and its convenient mobility. It is so compact that it can easily fit in the Hyundai’s latest Prius-fighting model, Ioniq’s door on fully folding it. Hyundai claims that the thought behind this concept is that storing it in the door is more user-friendly than keeping it in the trunk of the car. This door panel also has a special charging port for the electric scooter. With the help of this, the users can charge its battery pack on the way the way one charges his smartphone. A part of the alternative-fuel model initiative, the scooter is promoting its green automobile value.

Hyundai Ioniq Scooter

The Hyundai Ioniq scooter is a part of the green cars initiative of the company.

Apart from its highlights of being portable and compact, the electric scooter is also extremely user-friendly. One can easily fold and unfold it with one hand. It is light in weight due to which an individual can carry it with him wherever he goes. It will also have front and rear lights for better visibility while riding. In order to control acceleration, one can use the thumb switch for it. To increase the speed, simply scroll up the tiny electric motor or scroll it down to reduce the speed. The driver can use the brake by pushing down a pad which is on the rear wheel.

Concept behind the Hyundai Ioniq scooter

Hyundai stated that the collaboration of the Hyundai Ioniq scooter with the car is keeping in mind the need for last-mile mobility. It might prove to be useful for people who need to travel to their car or park the car at a certain spot and go to his destination. Not only this, but the electric scooter comes in handy when an individual is using a public transportation system. He can carry it along with him so that he can reach his destination fast and with ease after getting off the bus or train.

The automobile manufacturer clarified at the press event of CES 2017 that the Hyundai Ioniq scooter is currently merely a concept. The design has not got an approval for production. Despite this, the company is hoping to attain a green light for its production. This is so that they can move forward with their initiative of sustainable mobility solutions.

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